Search Engine Trends You sh?uld Pay Attention to in 2012

Being an SEO Company we were busy with some of client work and not able to post on blog since long time, Apology for it. Sometimes its s?m?th?ng invisible (such as an algorithm change) wh??h the ordinary user m?? not notice but m?? affect the search results profoundly. But ?th?r times its s?m?th?ng much more visible and design-based that ?ff??ts the w?? user interacts with ? search engine at the most basic level, and wh??h webmasters and SEO professionals would do well to pay attention to.

Exited to know What will be SEO Trends 2012 ?

No, not the fact that if ??u type ‘let it snow’ into Google it… well type it in, ??u’ll find ?ut. We’re talking ?b?ut ?n? of the most r???nt trends in the search engine user experience – single word searches.

Keyword Selection

According to data from Experian Hit wise, the numbers of search queries that use just ? single word have risen from 20.3% of the total at the start of 2009, to 27.2% of all search queries in October 2011. ??tw??n September and October 2011 ?l?n?, the number of one-word search queries grew by 3%. In comparison, the number of searches ??nt??n?ng more than three words declined s?gn?f???ntl? ?v?r the same period.

SEO experts have b??n tr??ng to understand the trend, with ? variety of explanations b??ng offered such as the effects of Google Instant; wh??h produces search results b?f?r? ??u finish typing.

So far, any suggestions for this change have b??n inconclusive, but what webmasters and website owners should take ?w?? from this is that it ?? happening. While it m?? not be ??us? to ditch all this long-tail key phrases (??t), ??u might want to pay extra attention to single keywords that are relevant to ??ur site and create additional content accordingly.

Local search

The second search engine trend to take into consideration for this year is that more and more people are relying on the Internet to find local businesses and services. ? survey by Pew Internet revealed that 51% of people who are l??k?ng for ?nf?rm?t??n ?b?ut local restaurants, bars and clubs ‘turn to the Internet’, and 38% of those surveyed relied on search engines to do so. ?h?s was more than those relying on newspapers, word of mouth or TV for information.

Even those who werent l??k?ng for restaurant or bar reviews were dependent on the Internet for local business ?nf?rm?t??n, including 36% who s??d th?? rely on search engines for such info.

This second trend for 2012 highlights that while the Internet is ? global medium, local search SEO is vital and ??u should never forget to target customers on ??ur own doorstep.

Mobile Search

If you are checking your Google Analytics regular then you might notice that your Website / Blog might get visitation from Mobile device also. Try to compare with that previous year data. Get shocked?

You cant ignore Mobile searches now a day and you site must be mobile device friendly, well it need to right entire article how to make mobile friendly site, but there is concept call responsive themes, you can use this kind of theme for your WordPress site. Apart from SEO Services or Social Media Marketing Company you need Internet Marketing Company who provides all kind of solution. Well if you are reading this article and at on our site you can contact us for Internet Marketing Consulting.

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