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Tej SolPro is one of the best Google Search Engine Optimization company globally. Being one of the largest SEO firms, we see to it that our clients receive transparent and satisfactory results. Our team consists of SEO experts who are ever ready to accept challenging SEO tasks and in turn, provide you with best SEO services. Hire these SEO experts and increase the ranking and reputation of your brand.

“Change is the only constant” is what Google algorithm works upon. It is difficult for a new comer to survive these constant changes. Google can make one go crazy if they aren’t aware about the rules of the game.

This is where Tej SolPro, the SEO agency in India, steps in. We have been there out in the sun to learn the rules of the game, conquer the tactics & learn to win it every time. We ensure that your website doesn’t just survive the SEO process but also flourishes in it.

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Our SEO Process

Project Initiation
Resource Allocation
Project Kick off
Keyword Research
-Keyword Mapping
Off Page SEO
-Manual Backlinks
-Content Marketing
-Business Listings
-Profile Listings
SEO Audit
-Website Analysis
-Content Analysis
-Backlink Analysis
-Competitor Analysis
On Page SEO
-Meta Tags
-Content Optimization
-Site Speed Optimization
-User friendly Navigation
-Traffic Monitoring
-Ranking Reports
-Activity Reports
-Conversion Rate Optimization

Making the Difference

Brand Awareness

Branding defines who you are and where you stand. It is not just recognizing the logo, but trusting the brand in whatever they deliver.

Increase Site Traffic

Applying the correct SEO practices to make a difference to your website is what we excel at. We use very practical approach for increasing site traffic.

Increase Site Sales

Sales is a game of number. The more the traffic, the more the leads, the more the sales. And at Tej Solpro we only work for leads and sales.

Increase Conversions

Strategically defining, designing, targeting and placing ads that become irresistible for the viewers to click on it and view our services and offering.

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Why choose Us?

We create, we craft, we transform, we change the game, we set the trend. We are an antique combination of crazy thinkers and smart workers who make all the difference.

Not the grey hair but some exclusive minds define our experience stories. You can hire our SEO experts & not get disappointed. 

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