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The businesses who seek for professional SEO services mainly come with the difficulties of getting leads, sales,  traffic or all the three things. So what difficulty are you facing in your business?

Tej SolPro is one of the top Search Engine Optimization company globally. Being one of the leading SEO agency, we see to it that our clients receive transparent and satisfactory results. Our team consists of SEO experts who are ever ready to accept challenging tasks and in turn, provide you with best services. Hire these experts, and increase your business revenue with top positioning in Search Engines and build the online reputation of your brand.

Hiring the best SEO Company or professional service provider can help you in keeping you updated with the best practices, and also help you to stay away from Search Engine penalties, and achieving higher ranking in search results.

Our Certifications

What We Deliver as an SEO Agency?

Choosing the best SEO service company is imperative for any business. We specialize in achieving higher rankings!

We listen to our clients and provide flexible solutions to ensure that your website doesn’t just survive the SEO process but also flourishes in it.

Whether we’re creating a brand from scratch, or rebranding an existing one, we make it indispensable.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Increase Site Traffic
Applying the correct SEO practices to make a difference to your website is what we excel at. We use very practical approach for increasing site traffic.
Increase Site Sales
Sales is a game of number. More traffic means more leads and that led to more sales. And at Tej Solpro we only work for leads and sales.
Increase Conversions
Strategically defining, designing, targeting and placing ads that become irresistible for the viewers to click on it and view our services and offering.
Brand Awareness
Branding defines who you are and where you stand. It is not just recognizing the logo, but trusting the brand in whatever they deliver.

If you think having a website is enough, than I guess you should to think about it again. Once it is developed there are a lot more things to be done to which will create your brand reputation, generate you a good traffic, and give you a better ROI.

Want to generate More leads?

SEO Service Types

Local SEO Services

Complete Local SEO services that help you in making your business visible for geographically-related online searches. It’s a comprehensive solution that helps your business to boost its online visibility, stand out in competition, amplify organic traffic to a local SMB business, and gets more qualified leads for your business. We have a dedicated team that will decide suitable set of Geo-based keywords and optimize your website and local map listings accordingly to drive significant traffic.

SEO Consulting Services

Monthly consultation & training for organizations looking to augment their knowledge while handling major SEO issues. The program is designed to address your particular needs. Our team will help you to tackle precise goals and help you in increasing the effectiveness of your SEO and improve ROI.

Professional SEO Services

A complete SEO optimization and management program to drive significant targeted traffic to your website. We provide best services and our professional service program includes everything from site audits to content development to backlink monitoring & development to analytics and reporting.
A devoted Marketing Expert appoint as project manager for your project and works personally with you to monitor progress.

Video SEO Services

Our professional video SEO service provides you what no other digital marketing agency can. Video optimizations that will help you rank your videos on YouTube and Google Videos to capture targeted traffic and build brand awareness.

Site/Penalty Assessment Services

A comprehensive assessment and optimization of your website. The service includes assessment of the entire onsite and offsite aspects influencing your sites overall performance. A meticulous report will be compiled and delivered to you with suggestions, issues, and implications.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The service offers a complete setup to analyze the goals and conversion funnel paths. We use of several split testing methods along with dedicated strategies to maximize the profits from existing traffic. Our CRO is destined to boost the revenue from your website traffic by directing the traffic via most proficient paths, and encouraging the visitors to take desired actions.

You Have A Website, Now What?

In a world of internet, learning and implementing are two common aspects that will walk you through each and every step. So, there is no difficulty at present in creating a website as we all are connected digitally.

There are enormous resources that can help you in making a website. Even if you have no internet knowledge, you can prolly get a feasible site online. But just making it is not enough. There is so much to do for its visibility and online presence.

You need to build a strong online presence that involves content management, social media marketing, keyword analysis, mobile optimization and much more.

The entire optimization process is called SEO. In this competitive market, everyone wants to be on the top of Google’s first page. And for that you’ll need a professional search engine optimization agency. A SEO Management Company can help you with online strategy which directly centered on your business goals as a business.

Primary, you need to locate the best company. The perfect company will:

  • Have relevant industrial experience
  • Have technical knowledge
  • Be inventive & easy to reach

After examining your business needs, the company will offer you with a strategic approach meeting your requirements.

The best search engine optimization services will include complete analysis of your website and inspecting the areas where you need improvements. And if the cost fits for your organization, then you’re geared up to start.

How will SEO help your business?

SEO is an important aspect of online marketing. It is the method of increasing the quantity and quality traffic to your site through various search engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

It makes your website user- friendly, faster and easier and improves search engine rankings. It is basically a way to rank well in search engine results.

If you are having a website or an online store, search engine optimization can assist your business to grow and meet the business goals.

In the present market scenario, SEO is more important than ever because users trust search engines.

At present, every business is using SEO tactics for the smooth running of their business. It has the potential to take your business to the next level.

To improve your sites performance, you should consider this service today.

Having a website is not enough. It has to be promoted very well.

Why Choose Us?

Tej SolPro is one of the best Google Search Engine Optimization Company across the Globe. We create, we craft, we transform, we change the game, and we set the trend. We are an antique combination of crazy thinkers and smart workers who make all the difference.

“Change is the only constant” is what Google algorithm works upon. It is difficult for a new comer to survive these constant changes. Google can make one go crazy if they aren’t aware about the rules of the game.

This is where Tej SolPro, the SEO agency in India, steps in. We have been there out in the sun to learn the rules of the game conquer the tactics & learn to win it every time. Not the grey hair but some exclusive minds define our experience stories. You can hire our SEO experts & not get disappointed.

Our team consists of SEO experts who are ever ready to accept challenging tasks and in turn, provide you with best services.

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How Tej SolPro Works?

Being one of the largest SEO firms, we believe in providing transparent and satisfactory results to our clients.

We believe that the most efficient way to provide highest quality results in the domain is to stay updated with the most recent technological developments.

We follow the latest trends in order to stay a step ahead of others and to provide our clients a continuous motivation to choose us over others.

Search Engine Optimization Process followed by us:

SEO Audit

Before starting the SEO process, we perform an audit to scan your website to find common issues.  This phase helps us to identify the strength and weakness of your site.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an imperative aspect of a successful SEO strategy. Our comprehensive report on keyword research will help you in getting accurate set of keywords that will be useful in the amplification of organic traffic.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page SEO is beneficial in identifying and understands the technical part for your website. Our On-Page process involves:

  • Title & Anchor Optimization: Before links are built, we analyze the Title & Anchor of your website and your top competitors.  And finally  follow the best practices to optimize your Title & Anchor text to improve the website’s ability to rank higher on SERP.
  • Description & Meta Tags Optimization: We include all the relevant keywords in Meta tags and Meta descriptions that have been researched formerly & perfectly fit for your business. And these are used as signals for providing accurate information to Search engines about your page.
  • Graphic or Image Optimization: Outsized images generally slow down the loading speed of your website.  We help you in optimizing graphics & images on your website to speed up the load time and provide the better user experience.
  • Existing Content Optimization: We perform the content optimization process to make sure your website is search engine friendly and completely optimized to acquire a top position on SERP.
  • Internal Link Optimization: Internal links are the links that navigate you from one page on a
    domain to a different page on the similar domain. We advise our clients to imagine their website as a pyramid with the most significant content on top. We create a robust internal link building strategies for our client to strengthen the website SEO and sales funnel.
  • Optimizing Site Directory Structure and Navigation: We create Ideal Site Directory Structure and Navigation structure and optimize it for SEO success. The simpler your site structure, the easier it is for search engine crawlers.
  • Add XML Sitemaps: We create accurate XML sitemaps to improve SEO that will help search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to better index your website.

We frequently examine the rankings and performance of your website and recommend changes to stay on the top and to avoid backslide in your keyword ranking.

Off-Page SEO

We build high quality backlinks for our clients. Our Off-Page process Involves:

  • Online Directory Submission: We manually submit your website to high authority web directories to increase your website’s link popularity.
  • Press Release and Article Submission: We professional in enhancing your website’s link popularity through article and press release submissions in high authority websites. Moreover, we send submission reports that keep things transparent.
  • Social Bookmarking: We manually bookmark your site with hundreds of high-quality social media sites to boost traffic and visibility of your website.
  • Posting comments, articles and starting discussion on Social Networking Platforms: We post genuine comments and share valuable content through Social Networking Platforms that will help you build brand trust and earn great amount of traffic.
  • Creating and managing Blogs: We create a robust blogging strategy for brands. We are an ideal blog management service if you wish to scale your content marketing.
  • Commenting and posting on Business Forums: We utilize business forums to build relevant and supreme quality backlinks. We only favor high-quality content to build backlinks. After all, content is king.