15 SEO Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic In 2021

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seo tips to boost organic traffic

In any case, if you’re already into working on the Internet or if you’ve just decided to make your online presence,  then there’s no doubt of you not being familiar with SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is considered to be one of the most extraordinary ways of growing the quality and quantity of your website traffic. It can also provide your brand with much better exposure through “organic” search engine results. To help you increase your organic traffic, you must pay attention to important SEO tips.

To make you understand better, here is some in-depth information. In simple terms, Search engine optimization is all about comprehending what people are searching for, the answers they are looking for, the words or keywords they use, and the kind of content they would like to read. Once you have the answers to these questions, it will help you form a relationship with the people who might be searching online and looking out for the solutions you provide.

If you wish to attract more of organic traffic to your website, then must have a look at these tips. These tips are not generic ones like improving the user experience or something. These SEO tips are next level in order to attract your audience and also please the search engines.

Here are some of the most effective tips for increasing your organic traffic in 2021.

Effective SEO Tips:

1. User Intent must be a Priority

If you wish to increase your organic traffic, then you must give importance to user intent. Further talking about user intent, it refers to the user’s motive behind any search. Suppose your content is amazing, but if it doesn’t fulfil your user’s intent then it is of no use.

Your Google ranking can also get adversely affected by this. Not fulfilling the user’s intent means you’re not able to provide your user what they actually want. Google is utterly smart and will know about the user’s bad experience which will lead to crawling your page down.

It doesn’t matter if you’re updating your old content or writing a new one, you must always think about the user’s intent.

Here are some effective ways to meet your user intent:

  • You must think about your audiences and what they would like to read. It is utterly important to do so before updating or creating new content. 

  • You must know about the types of content. Generally, there are three types of content such as Informational, Navigational, and Transactional. Always know the type of content you wish to create before writing it.

2. Receive Backlinks through Digital PR

Currently, the biggest challenge that SEO is facing is earning authority backlinks in huge numbers. There are a total of three ranking factors of Google and one of these factors is Backlinks. If you wish to earn backlinks, then you can opt for various link building strategies which will help you in earning relevant links. 

Well, here is one of the most useful SEO tips for getting hands-on editorially placed links with useful content – Digital PR.

Digital PR is a process of creating content and then promoting it to several journalists and publishers which they will want to cover and also link within their articles. The content covered are research studies, expert insights, infographics, and tools & calculations.

Working with Digital PR is not everyone’s cup of tea as here one has to think like a PR and then work as an SEO executive. To be loud and clear, Digital PR is not just limited to pitching promotional pieces along with a press release, but also promoting linkable assets with a mind-boggling outreach strategy.

3. Voice Search Optimization

One thing that is going to take over the text in the upcoming future is Voice Search. We don’t even have to wait for the future, it is already becoming a part of our lives with the introduction of smartphones. These phones are playing the most important role in increasing the growth of voice search. There has also been an introduction of smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.

15 SEO Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic In 2021

Interestingly, voice search queries always keep their eyes on long-tail keywords. It’s quite easy to rank on these keywords as they are less competitive. Several brands still don’t optimize their content for voice-based search. It is one of their biggest losses as there is a humongous chance of improving your rankings here.

Here is one of the SEO tips, suppose you initiate voice search optimization, there are higher chances of generating massive organic traffic.

While optimizing for voice search keep several factors in mind such as designing a FAQ page on your website, getting your organization listed on Google My Business for helping local users find you, always target long-tail keywords, opt for useful tools like Answerthepublic that will help find the questions on your selected topic.

Always use shorter paragraphs and bullet points for helping your content to be on the featured snippets. Last but not the least, try to work towards making your content more conversational that gives answers in the language spoken by users.

4. Contemplate on Optimizing ‘People Also Ask’ 

If I think about SERPs today, then it is much more than just those links which used to have a place on the first page of Google. People who breathe and live SEO have to work for acquiring as many advantages of SERP.

15 SEO Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic In 2021

One of the most important features that people in SEO need to make use of is ‘People Also Ask.’ There are several reasons why you should be paying keen attention to People Also Ask: 

  • People Also Ask can be at the top position of SERPs in the form of an answer to a query asked by users.

  • You can also use them for query refinement for queries that are also difficult for Google to interpret. 

  • Many marketers are missing this golden chance of getting a competitive advantage as they are still glued to something less important.

5. Always Think About Cell Phones

One of the most important SEO optimization tips that are overlooked by almost everyone is not optimizing for cell phones or mobile devices. Cell phones are considered to be one of the higher traffic puller devices.

In recent times, almost every other person is using mobile devices to access the internet. If you don’t provide your audiences with a good experience, then it’s quite bad for your website. It is essential to provide your users with a mobile-friendly experience so that they’ll visit your website more often. This will also give a boost to the organic traffic coming to your website.

Some Essential SEO Tips to Optimize Your Site for Mobile:

  • If your website has various categories, then it is good to define them for easy navigation.

  • Avoid using flash and code your cell phone site on HTML 5. It will allow premium devices like iPhones to load your website.

  • If possible, don’t use pop-ups. They definitely look amazing on the desktop but bother a lot on mobile devices.

  • Ensure to provide easy navigation for your website. While using a cell phone, the user doesn’t have any keyboard or shortcuts to navigate your website.

  • Consider having a mobile responsive design as it will help you have a flexible and adjustable design according to the screen size.

6. Start Writing Blogs

We all have heard this thousand times before. But there is no way that I wouldn’t have included here as it is necessary for every organization that wishes to boost organic traffic on their website.

Is there anything other than content that can drive more traffic? Obviously not. So, here we pick the most-loved content – Blogs. If you’re looking forward to covering more keywords, increase your organic reach, then there are no better things than blogs for you.

15 SEO Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic In 2021

The major benefits of a blog are that it is absolutely free, provides amazing results, and helps to improve your reputation in the market.

Everything sounded so dreamy, but it is not so. You can not start blogging any day you like without any prior planning. Remember you’re only a good blogger until you engage people, there’s always someone who could replace you. Let your creative juices flow and start writing! Make sure that your blogs are SEO-friendly to rank at a higher position on SERPs.

There are several things to keep in mind while writing impressive blogs that will also generate traffic. First of all, never choose the first headline for the blog, try at least 8 to 10 and then choose the best out of them. Make sure to proofread your article at least 2 times after completing it. There’s no fixed rule that only a long article will work, if you can explain the topic in fewer words then you must do it. Don’t increase the length of articles for the sake of it. 

While writing your clickbait, remember to make your titles catchy. Making buyer personas will help understand the type of blogs your audiences will read. Most important, always optimize your content, its title and URL for better SEO, readability, and CTR.

7. Display Topical Expertise by Using Supportive Content 

It becomes essential to optimize for topics and not keywords when Google is looking for ranking the best result for any search query. 

In such situations, you’ll have to show your topical expertise and make a place for yourself to rank at the top of SERPs for your specific money keywords. In simple words, it refers to the process of understanding supporting content. Have you ever heard of Topic Cluster?

Topic Cluster is something similar to the process of creating cluster content which is then directly linked to the pillar page. While pillar pages are much more in-depth and answer the queries relating to your broad topic and links that again go back to the main pillar page. This strategy allows you to also create content that’s optimized for long-tail keywords. 

Now, think of supporting content as something that adds topical depth to your website and showcases to Google that you’re proficient in this particular field. Well, something which is more important is that this content is not always needed to be based on insights from keyword research.

8. Optimization of Core Web Vitals

Interestingly, Core Web Vitals are set to become one of the ranking factors in 2021. Several other metrics that affect the page experience are:

  • Safe-browsing
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Intrusive interstitials 

All of you must have known the above ones and also be optimizing them, but core web vitals is new on the list. You must consider it as a key area of focus. You can think of Core web vitals as a collection of metrics around responsiveness, speed, virtual stability defined as:

First Input Delay:
It refers to the time a page takes for becoming interactive. The expected time is to be less than 100 milliseconds.

Largest Contentful Paint:
It is the time taken for loading the main content of a page. The time is around 2.5 seconds or even faster.

Cumulative Layout Shift:
This can be related to the amount of layout shift of visual page content which is unexpected. It should be less than 0.1.

9. Image Search Optimization

One of the most important SEO tips is to optimize the image search, it will provide you with several opportunities to attract traffic from places your competitors aren’t getting. Always think of how important visual search is.

Generally, people have a misconception that image SEO is all about tagging your images along with alt tags, but it is much more than that. If your images are properly optimized, then there are higher chances of being ranked on the image SERPs. It is a difficult task indeed but, an SEO agency can help you through this and provide you with improved traffic.

While doing your image SEO you must be working on the following things:

  • File names
  • Reducing file sizes
  • Alt tags
  • Hosting your images on a CDN
  • Resizing images to the needed dimensions
  • Creating an image sitemap

Going back and then optimizing your old images may take up some time. So to correct that, it is advised to make a proper process that will work when you’re adding and uploading new images to your website. 

10. Keep a Check on Your Competitors


Irrespective of the field you are in, you are bound to have competitors. Mostly competitors are believed to affect your business, but sometimes they can also provide amazing insights.

If you wish to improve the organic traffic of your website, then follow this SEO optimization tip. Always keep an eye on your competitors, it will provide you with much-needed insights. Here, we bring you some important tips on analyzing your competitors.

  • First and foremost, know who your competitors are.
  • Know about your competitors best selling products.
  • Go through their entire website and the best performing piece of content.
  • Inspect their cost structure, their weak points, and USP.
  • Make use of various tools such as LinkedIn, Owler, and Mention to know about your competitors, revenue, etc.
  • Make a room for improvement on your website, SEO, content, and products.

11. Adopt Videos in Your Content Marketing

While every type of content is important for your business, videos are super essential for your websites. When compared to textual content, videos are consumed much more frequently and are also loved by a larger number of people.

To be honest, there are hardly any audiences left who like to read. People are all up for watching videos as they are highly interactive. Due to this, videos are supposed to attract more traffic, engagement, and conversions.

But these videos will only work with the support of ideal video marketing strategy. Such strategies have the potential to boost both your organic traffic and conversions of your website.

To make a perfect video consider these aspects:

  • Before making a video, always make sure to identify your buyer persona.
  • If you’re camera conscious like most people do, try to overcome that fear.
  • First, transcribe your video content and then convert it.
  • Make sure to keep your video short and simple.
  • Even if your video isn’t that amazing, you can make it work with cool editing.
  • Introduction decides the faith of your video, so make sure to have an extraordinary introduction.

12. Involve With Your Niche

Another important SEO tip is to understand the rule of give and take. Suppose, if someone wants to engage with your content, in the same manner even you should engage with others.

If you wish to engage with your niche and attract traffic to your website then you must reply to the comments on your article, other than blogs, engage with youtube videos that fall into your niche, visit platforms like Quora and Reddit to attract your audiences. Try to connect and engage with other brands on social media platforms. Doing so will help in link building and other collaborations in the upcoming future.
13. Appear on Google My Business (GMB)

If you wish to rank higher on search engines, then you can also opt for Google My Business (GMB). Taking on local SEO tips, Google My Business is considered to be one of the major ranking factors in local map searches. It is an important part of local SEO.

15 SEO Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic In 2021

Once your business is listed on GMB, it will be easier for your local user to find your website and most importantly they’ll know where to see you physically. Here, the best way to increase your traffic is to be found on the local searches.

To set up your business account on Google Maps, visit business.google.com or use Google My Business app. GMB must have every information about your business such as business name, photos, description, open-hours, contact information, etc. Try to answer every single query on your page. Remember, the character limit for GMB’s description is 750. So, pack it up with the best you have!

14. Guest Blogging is The Way

Guest blogging is considered to be another way of blogging. It is one of the most useful ways of gaining referral traffic. Let’s know a bit more about guest blogging, here you can post blogs on other websites as guest authors.

Guest blogging will help your content in getting more exposure because when you submit your article on someone else’s website you are bound to reach more audiences. Besides this, there are also chances that they visit your website and also recommend you to others. 

15. Go for Optimization of XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps refer to the important pages that are available on your website. In simple terms, it is much of a roadmap of your website that helps Google to understand the structure of your website.

Besides this, XML also helps Google in identifying the important pages of your website. We all want our pages to rank, but there are times when you create pages that are not linked to your website. They are more like orphaned pages.

To make your pages be found, you can add an XML sitemap to those pages. It will help Google to find and crawl them on SERPs. An SEO company can help in optimizing XML sitemaps and helping Google to find the pages.


As per an old saying, Content is King. It’s absolutely true, but there are some terms and conditions attached to it. No matter what you write, it should be loved by your audience. If it doesn’t go this way, your readers will bring you down.

Always think about your audiences before writing your content as it will keep you at the top of SERPs. Besides this, you’ll need a complete strategy that will help you be at the top of SERPs, and increase your organic traffic along with boosting your sales and profit.

Opting for these SEO tips and adding them to your SEO campaign will help your website attract more visibility in the upcoming year.

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