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Magento is one of the fantastic and widely used open source e-commerce development platforms that provide users with more flexibility, control and marketing options than previous frameworks.

However, one thing that you need to understand is that no matter how reliable and robust an e-commerce platform is, but without a  proper digital marketing campaign, it’s worthless.

You can’t overlook the importance of digital marketing in your Magento marketing strategy. because in the end, all you need is higher search engine traffic to boost your website conversion and sales.

At Tej SolPro we offer well-defined Magento 360 digital marketing services, which results in excellent results for your Magento Store.

Our Certifications

Magento Marketing Services

Magento SEO services

We have been delivering Magento SEO services for many years.

We gain mastery in the SEO domain through knowledge and years of experience. Our result-oriented optimization services provide us with confidence and capability to take your Magento store to the next level.

Moreover, we have a proven track record of providing notable and refined search engine results.

We are proficient in technical Magento SEO integrated with content marketing to boost the quality of your organic search traffic.

We understand that every website is unique and we develop customized SEO marketing plans for every client. Our Magento SEO Company Services Include:

Leverage Customer Attention

Presently, Search Engine prefers websites with relevant and high-quality content, and often reward them with higher search rankings.

Consequently, a well-planned content strategy is essential for every organization to maintain higher search ranking and to boost marketing efforts.

Besides optimizing your content, descriptions, images, and videos, it’s crucial to create link-worthy and shareable content for your SEO success.

At Tej SolPro, We understand the importance of content, and we work dedicatedly to craft highly-relevant, keyword rich and engaging content that provides value and enhance your customer experiences.

Site Structuring

Our Magento search engine optimization team is packed with experts, which are proficient
in creating and implementing best SEO practices to ensure better site rankings, and
consequently more conversions.

The optimization process will start with your website itself.

Custom URL Mapping: We will help you in migrating your website from the existing platform to Magento.

We will examine and ensure that proper URL redirection is implemented for every page in your existing website to provide your users with an error-free and seamless redirection experience.

Canonical URL Setup: Magento has a by-default feature to create multiple URLs for every product.

Certainly, it will confuse the search engines,  and they will consider your content as duplicate, which results in lower search rankings.

However, we help you in determining the most effective URLs for your products and then mark these URLs as the “preferred" URLs, to eliminate any chances of the content being labeled as duplicate by the search engine.

Google Sitemaps: We are expert in creating a prioritized XML sitemap for your website, which can be used by Google as well as other major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

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Magento Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the most powerful weapon to connect with your audience. But then a question would pop up in your mind that – How you can take the benefit of this powerful platform?

Tej SolPro can help you in this. We can help you in enhancing user engagement on social media platforms for your Magento website.

Our social media specialists are updated with all the latest social media trends and use a quality-driven approach to provide great user experience and ultimately boost traffic to your e-commerce store.

Facebook Marketing

We take pride in ourselves that our Social Media experts know every aspect of Facebook Marketing. We are always ready to accept challenges and provide flawless and result-oriented Facebook advertising solutions.

Our Facebook Experts will help you bring quality traffic, built custom audience to top your brand on all the search engines.

Instagram Marketing

With more than 800 million users, Instagram has become more than just a social media app. With such a vast user database it becomes an ideal social media marketing platform with great potential. And if you are not leveraging the benefits of Instagram Marketing, then your losing brand opportunities and higher revenue.

We can help you craft and launch tailored Instagram campaigns for your store. We identify influencers and trending hashtags for your brand and improve user engagement that results in higher brand visibility and draws targeted web traffic.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube is the largest video sharing platform and the second largest search engine after Google. It becomes an important part of social media marketing. The platform holds more searches than Yahoo and Bing.

The platform offers great opportunities for organizations to market and advertises their products and services efficiently.

We at Tej SolPro offers exclusive YouTube marketing services that have won the hearts of hundreds of organizations.

Our customized marketing & advertising YouTube campaigns are specially designed for helping your brand to take the benefits of reaching a large number of audiences found on this platform.

Our YouTube experts can help you enhance the searchability of your brand on this trending platform by providing them with outstanding services.

We help you create engaging videos with useful information to convince visitors and educate them about your products or services.

Linkedin Marketing

If you want to target your customers more specifically and directly, then LinkedIn is the best place for you.

The platform has more than 500 million users and growing at a very fast pace. It’s become the most efficient way of building a professional network.

Our LinkedIn marketing services are specially crafted to bring your clients one step closer to you, and expand your business.

We not only help you reach your potential customers, but we also help you to expand your professional network.

Our LinkedIn experts will help you in improving your content quality, boost posting frequency and consistency, and allows you to leverage the power of this professional platform.

Magento Paid Marketing

We can’t deny the importance of Paid Search Marketing.

​According to research by MOZ, PPC traffic converts approximately 50% better than organic data, thus making it one of the best resources for e-commerce businesses to attract customer attention.

Our experts in paid marketing can help you in building a successful paid search strategy for your ecommerce site . From performance analysis to management, we take care of everything.

Google Shopping Ads

We claim ourselves as funnel scientists and product feed experts. Our Google Shopping Management service covers every aspect of your product advertisement to meet your needs.

We examine and analyze your product data manually as well as with the help of best automation tools to help you list and sell your products online flawlessly.

We help you in increasing the visibility of your product in the Google Shopping landscape and maximizing your advertising ROI. Moreover, Our tracking & reporting system includes conversion tracking and attribution modeling with transparent reporting.

We have a dedicated account manager if in case you need information about the data.

Retargeting Ads

Targeting individuals, who are interested in your product and have already visited your website/product is one of the effective ways to boost conversions or sales and to reduce advertising costs.

Retargeting Ads coupled with display advertising can increase Ad responses by 400% as compared to standard ads.

Our retargeting strategies are proven to lift in your web traffic by targeting on the persons who have visited your e-commerce website or store previously or have shown interest in your brand through social media.

We target these audiences again and lure them to convert to your customers, and that’s the reason, our clients constantly receive higher CTR and conversion ratio on their retargeted ads as compared to the normal campaigns.

What Makes Tej SolPro’s Magento Marketing Unique

We are experts in creating customized Magento marketing strategy for your brand that is destined to accomplish your sales goals.

We offer a variety of services that will turn your Magento store into a successful business!

We Have Niche Knowledge
We've niche knowledge and years of experience working with businesses from various industry. Our responsibilities include but not just limited to setting up your Ads, or website optimization, or run your campaigns on social media platforms. Our team is highly dedicated to a strategy that is unique and specific to your business.
We built custom Marketing Strategies
Every Organization is different with different needs. We will work with you to create a personalized marketing plan, perfect for your business, market, and budget. So, just sit and relax, and let us craft an ideal strategy for you to help you meet your marketing goals.
In-House Specialists
Generally, an organization outsources its projects to minimize their costs. However, the quality that you will get from an outsourced work is not the same as the quality you could get from an in-house team. And that’s why we hire in-house specialists to serve our clients.
We Run With Trends
eCommerce industry is highly evolving. And Being the best eCommerce marketing agency, We know that trends fluctuate according to the taste of customers. We always think a step ahead of the customers. We know what type of technique will work and which will not. And with this approach, we help your brand to stand out in the competition.
Generate ROI for Spending
We’ve worked with several organizations, and with our years of experience, our strategies and techniques are proven to provide a high return on investment. Moreover, we provide you with the details for every single penny you have invested in your Advertisement. And this gives us the confidence to ensure your business succeeds as an online retailer.

Why Choose Tej SolPro

We breathe and live in Marketing and Advertising, and when someone says “Magento” or “eCommerce,” we skip a heartbeat.

With years of experience in this industry, we set the bar high. Our Magento Marketing services will provide you with the opportunity to augment your audience reach and turn your online store into a profitable business.

We’ve helped a lot of organization to amplify exposure and generating higher revenues—and we can help you as well.