E-commerce has been a boom in the country quite recently. All you need is a website and relevant products to sell. However, to make it a successful endeavor, you must create sufficient noise in the digital space to attract customers.

It is not one campaign or contest that will place you in the minds of your target audience- you need to constantly strive to maintain a relationship with your customers so that they return and hence generate continuous revenue. It takes a process-driven strategy and a team of experts who know the digital space in and out!

At Tej SolPro, we elevate your business to a greater stature with our experience in development and delivering of e-commerce platform with cost effective solutions to get higher ROI. We play stimuli in your marketing efforts with the latest in the season tools to drive and strengthen your online campaigns. We make sure our efforts are fruitful in improving your brand image. Our end-to-end operation support keeps the hassles out of your e-commerce website thus dodging the challenges of overhead maintenance or performance. 

Times have changed and ecommerce marketing no longer means simple product promotion- it is now more focused on creating personalized relationships between marketers and consumers. To be strikingly different, companies must provide value to the shopping experience.

We help you drive traffic through various SEO tools, social media monitoring and blogging platforms and build a more optimized and compelling shopping experience which successfully convert site visits into sales.

We help you analyze the collected data and transform it-

  • Customer’s like and preferences
  • Where are your customers- mobile or web?
  • Customer’s attitudes and lifestyle

That’s not it! With cross-channel marketing, we give your customers the liberty and convenient ways to interact with you across email, mobile, social, web, etc.