WooCommerce SEO Service

WooCommerce SEO Service

WooCommerce is not only the most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress but also one of the most popular eCommerce plugins in general. For eCommerce businesses, it’s become somewhat of a lifesaver for the people who are running eCommerce businesses.

The goal of Tej SolPro’s WooCommerce SEO service is to assist your business in moving up through the rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Because having just templates and plugins will make your website look good but it won’t help you get ranking on SERPs, and that’s where we step in.

Let’s connect and make a plan on how we can increase your your rankings and revenue.

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WooCommerce SEO Service
WooCommerce SEO Service
WooCommerce SEO Service
WooCommerce SEO Service
WooCommerce SEO Service

Benefits Of Hiring WooCommerce SEO Services

Viable Keywords

Viable keywords are researched by our team so that they are matched commercially, has good volume, and by keeping the competition level in mind to drive more and qualified traffic during the WooCommerce SEO campaign.

Optimized Product Pages

The product pages are optimized by keeping the search engine measures in mind and also considering the factors which help us to rank higher on SERPs and outrank your competitors.

Laser Focused Link Building

As link building is one of the major factors ranking a website, we at Tej SolPro acquire high quality and industry-focused links with Google-approved metrics of the desired pages of your website.

We will digitize your brand

Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.​

Our Process

Hire us and build the success of your campaigns on the authority of WordPress and the SEO-friendly nature of WooCommerce. Our team of experts will not only implement the best practices into your WordPress website, but we will also fine-tune the content strategy to ensure that your store is highly visible into the ways your online products reach the potential buyers.

Our proven methodology has helped a lot of our clients in scaling their business.

Project Analysis

Before starting the work on any project we make sure that we have completely understood their business and the goal that they wish to achieve.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is a full-fledged strategy that will help you in finding out your competitors. Besides this, it will provide you with the opportunity to research about their marketing strategies, products, and sales. By opting for this process, you’ll be able to craft an amazing business plan or strategy for your business. Conducting competitor analysis, gives us an idea of what things need to be done to outpace and outrank the competitor of your business.


On-page activities consist of optimizing the web pages for ranking higher on the search engines. Not only that, but also getting more traffic on search engines for your website. When we talk about On-page optimization, it’s both relating to content and the HTML source of a page.On-page changes on the client's product pages will give search engines a clear guidance of the product relevance and authority.


We implement unwavering off-page strategies so that your store gets online engagement so that it can influence search results for important keywords so that it can help rank your website on those keywords.


We constantly reassess our SEO campaigns so that we can provide you with the best results of your campaign and continue to provide you with the best results.

Why Choose Us?

Launching an eCommerce store is easy but grabbing customers attention is a difficult task. With Tej SolPro, you get the opportunity to maximize your audience reach and transform your non-converting customers into a recurring customer.

The secret to our success is in our ability to achieve organic results. We have helped businesses increase their lead generation and conversion.

Our SEO Experts builds a custom campaign to your online stores to roll out a comprehensive SEO campaign. Our clients have seen great results while their recurring costs decrease due to their organic search traffic.

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