Jaydip Parikh, the CEO of Tej SolPro and a Digital Marketing Strategist, has been a known face in the fields of IT and Marketing. He worked with various known brands and gathered a lot of accolades and appreciation before he became an entrepreneur.

Time and again, he has successfully switched and adapted into various roles ranging from web entrepreneur, social media expert to digital marketing speaker and achieved commendable milestones during his endeavor.

Having more than 15+ years of experience in Marketing as well Digital Marketing and being an active speaker online as well as offline, Social Media and E-Commerce consultancy are a part of his dominion. He has taken lectures on Digital Marketing at various renowned institutes like NIFT, DDIT, Changa University, C.U. Shah Engineering College, Ahmedabad University, Nirma University, to name a few.

He has worked with brands like YourStory, CIIE-IIM, Kevi Rite Jaish, Saptpadii (ABCL Movie), Shamiana etc. More

Ankita, our Inbound Evangelist loves adventure sports and Math!

An ex-Infosian and an emotional being, she loves everything artistic. Passionate about dancing, she is in awe of the social media storm that has spun the world around. Acing Digital Marketing tops her list of To-Dos apart from discovering places and meeting new people.

With an excellent communication and networking skills, she matches her research with the world’s running pace to bring out the best!

When not developing on the business, you’ll find her chilling with her group of pals or maybe catching up with the latest season of her favorite TV shows.


The Rocket Singh of our place our very own Business catalyst who builds us.

An ex- Grofer operation guy! Life without music is a big mistake but he thinks it is a crime. Parth has a girlfriend and she is called food. An online shopping buff who knows how to crack the best deals. Gadgets are his favourite companions.

An E-commerce geek, who remains updated with every news related to it. He is very fond of shaping start-ups and creates impact with his power of ideas. A non-believer of training and formal certification. He offers magical transformations anywhere he is!

His mimicries are like a power- booster to the office. He spreads the magic of humour, interactiveness and energy of rocket. All work and no jokes make him dull!

The SEO Giant with a vital skill of learning and dedication

A completely can-do person who believes greater things are possible. The product of Infibeam becomes the giant for us. He is a live digital marketing news-channel to everyone in the office.

Elaichi vali Chai pe Charcha is his favourite pass time. He is a proud Amdavadi living in an entrepreneurial city of Gujarat so he tries to make his life opportunistic at every step.

When he is not mapping and searching for the news updates about new SEO Tools, he is listening to music, updating playlist of his phone, reading controversial tweets, looking for the trending songs on the Youtube etc.


Our very own SEO Ninja, Jaimin is a Computer Engineer with a knack of detailing and perfection.

When he is not making the pages rank and sprinkling the SEO magic for the clients, you’ll find Jaimin watching movies or probably drowning himself in the oceans of music.

Ardent self-believer, he does what he has to!

To keep his nerves on a check, he indulges in gaming (Need for Speed fan here!) and travelling. It keeps him grounded and aloof at the same time!

A Gujarati native, Jaimin enjoys all types of cuisines – Chinese being his favorite. Everything delicious and spicy will find its way to his stomach.