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Well, there are umpteen internet marketing companies dishing out same kind of services at similar rates. So, what is the difference? Taking the analogy of gourmet cooking, we can say that preparation of same recipe by two or more equally proficient chefs may count little but presentation of the dishes does count a lot.

Similarly in case of online marketing or search engine optimization, flaunting of services is of lesser importance that the actual execution part. On our platter is a bouquet of services that stand apart from our competitors. In essence, our services are broadly spread out in the following groups:

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

This service has been explained in detail elsewhere on specific page(s). Briefly, our SEO service entails attaining top search engine spots by using ethical online/offline methods involving relentless use of keyword-rich content, complemented by subsidiary methods such as URL optimization, article submission, directory submission, participation in forums, blogs and social media sites, and link building and affiliate marketing.

PPC Management

Only SEO is not sufficient in digital marketing. PPC campaign involves bidding for relevant keywords on prominent search engines and then placing attractive ads on relevant, high ranking sites. The idea is to induce the users of those sites to click on your ads in order to direct them to your site.

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Social Media Marketing (SMO)

Social media is the new media in the form of social networking sites that promote user participation and user-generated content in a large way. Participating in such sites for promotion of your business or brand is an effective method of online promotion.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Since the internet is the liberal platform that permits publication of views and comments of all types, any negative mention about you or your business and brand is very harmful. ORM or brand management looks into removing the negative content and promoting the positive content and in the process keeping your online reputation intact.

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The above are our services in nutshell. The nature of the internet and the underlying web is such that we have to keep on using different online marketing techniques to survive on the internet. Neglecting it can result in lower visibility which in turn can result in lesser business. Our business is to keep your online goals and dreams intact. Call us anytime. We are available 24/7.