Paid Promotions

Promoting your brand is equally important as having great content. One cannot do with just the either of the two. Having great content but not promoting it at the right places on right time may not be as fruitful as the content deserves.

Imagine the web as a huge basket; now people won’t find what you have to offer unless it’s on the top where they can see it or if they are looking for it. And for them to look for your content, they must know it exists! Nobody will stumble across your content. It will be like delivering a bestseller at someone’s place without informing them about it.

You have to make your content visible and this is where ‘promotions’ come into the picture.

For any content to be properly visible and thus leveraged to gain revenue/sales/site visits, the foremost points to be always considered are as follows:

  • Target Audience. One must plan the target audience for the content. This will ensure that the content is seen by the right people.
  • Promotional Channels. During the planning phase, it is wise to decide which channels will be capitalized to promote the content.
  • Budget. It plays a crucial role as promotions will incur costs and having sufficient budget for the entire campaign duration is advised.

Promotion is a way to tell stories with data. The key criteria for successfully developing a successful promotional campaign is keeping in mind the following pointers-

  • Planning the campaign thoroughly.
  • Focusing on creative development of the content.
  • Proper placements of the right keywords and phrases on the ads.
  • Sufficient media research.
  • Testing.

And here is how we come into the picture. As a consultant, Tej SolPro boasts of successfully handling numerous campaigns and helping the clients get the desired results.

We design the most suitable promotion campaign for you to satiate your requirements. We work with you to come up with the most optimum way to promote the content over various platforms. Promotional tweets on twitter, Ads on Facebook or on LinkedIn are few of the methods to promote.