Because every Mom is Special


Moms are moms… It’s heavenly…It’s undefined… It’s a parade of emotions.

It’s not just a word, and the reality shows it’s real self when we go through the toughest time of our life. Ask yourself, when your heart cries, whom do you want to be with? You may call for God, but you don’t really know His touch. But, you felt the touch of your mother’s hand, and your heart wants to feel it again.

Because you know where the utter peace lies beneath. There is no one in the world who didn’t cry the word ‘Mama’ when their hearts tear out the pain. So, stop defining a mother. No one can explain it completely because it’s beyond words. It’s the completeness of love. And no beauty or happiness can define your mother but your pain. Her single touch makes our eye leads to join in sheer peace. Yes. It’s a mum thing. It’s better left unsaid as no words can define this godliness.


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Moms are just sacrifice personified.

But all we can do is to want from her, and she is the Giver, always. You may have planned so many things for The Mother’s Day, but won’t you like to spend some time to know how a working mum manages to balance in their work and love?

Here is the story of those mums who outsmart every challenge with their smiling faces.

Stuti Shah Sheth – A proud mother who writes.

When describing a typical day in a mother’s life starting with lunch packing to planning on digital marketing, Stuti said that there is none, since every day comes differently. Personality switching is the must need to manage the crazy schedules. But, nothing brings more contentment than to watch over a sleeping child when all your job is done for the day.

Of course, a mum needs little phrases like “You are a good boy right?” or “I know you can do it” and “I love you” to calm down the little troubles there.

Also, time management is another big hazard when it comes to attaining friends and professional meetings at the same time. Stuti maintains the weekdays as workdays and keeps time for friends and relatives for the weekends.

She started writing for her own blog after celebrating her son’s first birthday. The path for the first 1.5 years was not a bed of roses. The worst part was to live in a foreign land when a mother feels lonely to manage work while watching a sick child in her lap. But the sleepless nights made her walking steadily ahead. In her words “I have miles to go before I sleep.”


Stuti Shah-Sheth is an independent writer. She has a longing for music and dance, and she loves to spread the richness of Indian culture. In her belief, “All the art forms are real liberators who save us from the awful element of life, called boredom.

You can read Stuti’s writings here.

Reena Kataria – A single mum who is a gold medalist, voice over artist and self-published poet.

Reena describes how hard it is to reach the creative expectations of the clients while managing the family expectations as well. For a mother, running behind the children and then finishing work in time is like every day is a Monday without knowing the start and end.
For Reena, conversing with clients while handling kitchen stuff comes with rock solid emotional steadiness. And a puppy-faced mommy works well for her child all the time.

Being a single mother while her parents were working, Reena had no choice but to grow a 2-year-old child and earn money. She started working as a medical transcript and then jumped to ghostwriting. After her son’s school had started, she finished certificate courses in psychology, spiritual healing and then worked on them professionally. After some years, she published her poetry collection and got offers in voice over areas for poetry recitations and speeches. In her life, the most amazing person is her son who motivates her a lot.

In her saying, “Hope and faith are the two words have helped me a lot. It’s always important to find something to have that satisfactory smile at the end, and you are ready for next day.”

Reena Kataria is a microbiology graduate and a DMLT gold medalist. She is also a published poet, voice over artist and is currently writing her own novel. Reena is certified, psychotherapist & healer.

Megha Parikh – a mom who starts her day with content scheduling and finish it with family’s grocery planning.

She starts her day scheduling contents when no one is awake. When others wake up, she goes for all cooking and packing duties. Once the home is all her, she starts posting her blogs and sharing published blogs for her social handlings.
In her words, “My daughter is like the Quora”. When she gets wordless answering her numerous questions, her catchphrase is “Ask Google”. But she is aware enough not to let them browse unsupervised since the web is a real dark place after all.
From grocery planning to social media post publishing, it’s all by her smartphone. She is all app-savvy for listing to emailing or messaging or even video calling people to stay in touch with. She likes to say, “After all, we women are sworn multitaskers.”

The beginning was the hardest. Back then, when digital marketing didn’t step out of its crib, guidance was hard to find on this niche. She started processing by trial and error and constant researching on online materials to reach the place she is in today.


Megha Parikh is an experienced digital marketing specialist who manages many marketing aspects like targeting a market, creating a brand image, marketing campaigns and tracking marketing effectiveness.

Knoe more about Megha and her skills here.

Hamida Keshwani – a mom, a digital marketer who packs lunch for her family every day.

She starts her day with morning Yoga & Herbal Tea. Then the usual mother starts her duty by waking up her toddler and packing her lunch for playschool. After the baby is gone, the regular mom morphs to fashionista blogger at an instant. She believes in dressing up before sorting the regular to-do list. To her, it empowers confidence for the work-from-home mothers. For a mother with a baby, when the busy schedules stiffen, smartphone works pretty well as her PA. and though personal life shouldn’t be mixed with work, she advocates it for saving time.

Working from Home means setting up boundaries for kids. And to train her little kitten to understand when the playtime is over, she uses ” Momma is Working” a lot during the day which works for her well enough.

She manages her social media hazards by scheduling and prioritising her goals. Also, outsourcing helps a lot to ease the burden. Here the role of a good father comes forth as her husband takes care of their kid whenever she attains professional events on weekends. But she prioritises her baby first for now that she is too young.

She doesn’t think that she has perfected her balance yet! And she is walking to mark in the Blogging world. But, more than the fame what matters is the inner satisfaction. She started in 2010 introduced to Blogging by her husband. She is MSc in environmental Science with no technical background. At first, she became puzzled with a lot of glitches in her website, when her Brother-in-law helps her to manage them all. In 2015, she finally started work on her fashion blog along with a Mom & Baby Blog too. She was inspired to create baby hub after her child’s birth.


Hamida Keshwani is a freelance fashionista blogger. She has done her MSc in Environmental Science. She used to be a qualified environment manager in a firm and she left that on 2012 to concentrate on her fashion blog and work as a full-time blogger.


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You may try, but do you really feel like her without being one? When we are with her, we can’t imagine how it feels not having her around. So, caress this relation when you have the chance.

Personally, on this auspicious mother’s day, just a single feeling echoes at the core of my heart, and that’s, “Oh mom! I love you. You are the only pristine reason which made me feel the God when I laughed and cried simultaneously with my deepest joy.”


For the rest of the mums, Tej SolPro salutes your eternal struggles, we love the way you feed love to this planet.

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