Essential Guide On B2B Marketing Strategies For 2021

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b2b marketing strategies

In between all budget limits, creative demands, and channel decisions, marketers have to go through a lot while working on a marketing plan or strategy. The concept of marketing for business is quite different from marketing for consumers. Marketing for business is known as B2B marketing. To ensure the growth of your business, you must work on your B2B marketing strategies. 

Some of the B2B marketing strategies are forever. It means those concepts will never change, no matter how the surroundings change. While some of them are ever-changing. It means these B2B marketing strategies might have worked for your business in 2019 but wouldn’t work in 2021.

As a B2B marketer, you’ll also have to keep an eye on the latest B2B marketing strategies for your business. With changing times, new marketing and sales techniques have been embraced by B2B marketers. 

Here is an out-and-out guide to provide you with applicable information that you can use today. This is a list of the most effective B2B marketing strategies and trends that your company must carry out into your B2B marketing in 2021 for growing faster.

What is B2B Marketing?

b2b marketing strategies

The term B2B marketing refers to the content or marketing strategy that is dedicated to a business or an organization. Any company that sells products or services to other businesses or organizations rather than to a consumer makes use of B2B marketing strategies. 

The main focus of B2B marketing is towards helping businesses market to other businesses with the help of digital marketing methods. B2B marketing comprises of various online strategies that will help you reach the company you’re interested in.

B2B Marketing Strategies

Essential Guide On B2B Marketing Strategies For 2021

It’s time to start picking your strategies. Here are some of the B2B marketing strategies for your business:

Content marketing

The best ways to set up yourself as the authority in your particular field is to make use of content marketing. As you deal in B2B business, you’re bound to have a longer sales cycle when compared to other companies. Here, the decision-makers take all their time to come on a particular point. Besides this, they look around all the options available to make sure they end up with a good company.

Content marketing can be a big help in pushing the leads down in the sales funnel and reaching towards conversions. 

Do you want to include content marketing in your B2B marketing strategies? Then, make sure to keep the following in mind:

Maintain consistency in posting content

Your content marketing plan will surely work only if you post your content consistently. The best way to attract traffic to your website is to post content regularly. Doing so will help people in finding your content. 

Using a content marketing calendar will help you in posting content consistently. A content calendar will help you in editing your content, scheduling it, and publishing it on the site. This calendar makes sure you don’t forget to post the content and keep the trail of content going on your site.

Go with the user intent 

If your thought behind writing a blog is captivating leads, you must complement the user’s search intent. Further talking about user search intent, it refers to the audience’s expectations, while they are searching for a particular topic. 

Before writing your content, make sure you research the main keyword to be used in the content. Not only that, have a look at what your competitors are doing and what they have written about the topic. This will help you in creating the perfect content with the right information for your target audience.

Opt for diverse content 

While you’re providing important information to your targeted audience, ensure to convey it in different ways. Not every person is the same, so it is important to create content that is loved by various audiences.

There are several types of content like blog posts, infographics, and craft videos. If you want to give a clear and in-depth understanding of a topic, you must work on creating a complete guide or e-books.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

b2b marketing strategies

One such thing that is used for improving the website’s ranking in search results is none other than SEO (Search engine optimization). Generally, when companies are looking for more business for their company, they opt for SEO. 

In the absence of SEO, you’ll not be able to rank on the appropriate search results. Due to this, you are losing a bunch of leads for your business. If you are not getting those leads, then have you wondered to whom they are going? Exactly, your competitors! So why not take B2B SEO strategy more seriously and implement it in your marketing strategy to get better results.

If you use or are about to implement SEO for your business, then you’ll need to know these things for your strategy:

Ensure Mobile-friendliness

Another important way of ranking on search engines is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. At present, Google makes use of a mobile-first index for ranking sites in the search results. One of the tools to check your site’s mobile-friendliness is the Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

If you still don’t have a mobile-friendly site, then you can blend responsive design for providing a better user experience to the audiences. With responsive design, your site will be able to adjust to whatever devices used by the audiences. 

Add appropriate keywords to your content

Keywords play an important role in bringing you towards the relevant search results. For ranking higher in the search results, you’ll need to do proper keyword research and pick the one that suits your site. Also there are many free keyword research tools that can help you with it.

While finding keywords, always focus on the long-tail keywords with two or three words. These keywords are the ones with specific search intent. With this, you’ll also have a better understanding of what your targeted audience is looking for. 

Site speed is important 

In this fast-moving world, there is hardly anyone who likes to wait. The same rule applies to your website speed. People hate sites that have slow-loading pages. You must understand that your audiences expect your page to load in five seconds or less than that.

Slow pages adversely affect your SEO as they provide a bad user experience. Don’t worry, you can do some damage control by using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool helps you know how fast your site is loading right now. 

Social Media Advertising

Once you’ve got a clear understanding of marketing for B2B, you’ll learn about the primary role social media plays in aiding your reach and engaging the present and potential customers. The best possible ways to meet decision-makers are by using various social media platforms. While meeting, you can also get them towards your business.

If you want to put your business in front of decision-makers, then you should opt for social media advertising. It is one of the best B2B marketing strategies for bringing your business in the limelight. With this, you can make your company seen in the decision-makers’ social feeds to catch their attention.

If you’re looking for launching your social media advertising campaign successfully, you must do as follows:

Choose the right platform

The only mantra to thrive in your social media advertising campaign is to pick the right social media platform. There are several options to choose from to reach your targeted audiences. 

The most effective social media platform for B2B business is LinkedIn. It is a professional social platform that helps you connect with people related to your business. As you’re working towards engaging with decision-makers, you must use this platform to connect with them professionally.

Filter your targeting

Social media advertising comes with various modern targeting options for your business. As you’re looking to attract several decision-makers, you must create ads that are loved by these decision-makers.

Here, you have the opportunity to create numerous ads and filter you’re targeting to attract every type of decision-maker. This is an amazing way of providing customized ads that leads towards greater engagement.

Using attention-grabbing visuals

If you’ve ever paid attention to the social media ads, you’ll figure out that they always make use of visuals rather than texts. So, you must make sure to use higher-quality visuals that are highly captivating. No matter if it’s a photo, video or infographic, ensure that it stands out from the rest.

Avoid using grainy or blurry pictures as it lowers your engagement with your targeted audience. So, a clear picture or visual is the way to get better results.

Email marketing  

If you’re someone who likes to connect directly with the decision-maker, then email marketing is the perfect strategy for you. This trick provides you with the opportunity to send out customized content directly to the ones who are interested. 

Email marketing lets you create some personal connections with the audiences and send them customized information that brings them closer to the conversation.

If you wish to add email marketing to your B2B marketing strategies, you need to follow the below-mentioned practices: 

Deliver diverse types of mails 

Remember, not every mail of yours has to be a pitch for product or services. If you’re always into advertising, there are chances that companies will avoid partnering with you. So, you must focus on sending them various types of information to keep them interested. 

There are several informational things you can send on emails such as blogs, videos, or information on how your products or services will help other companies. When business is on your mind, then you must send an email newsletter to provide information to the decision-makers.

Utilizing tools for simplifying the email process

The process of sending email to prospects is quite a tedious process. Once they’re sent, you’ll have to monitor them to know their performance. If you’re doing this process manually, it will take a lot of time. 

To do it smartly and efficiently, you can opt for tools like MyEmailFX. It will help you in managing the content. This tool will let you create, send, and monitor your email campaign.

Split up your subscribers

Splitting up your subscribers will get you the most out of your email marketing. It is one of the best ways to provide customized information to each decision-maker of the company.  You have the freedom to split up the subscribers according to the decision maker’s position in the company.

Splitting up will help you in customizing your market to their area of interest.

Pay-per-click (PPC Advertising)

b2b marketing strategies

PPC advertising is all about designing paid advertisements. These ads are situated at the top of the search results. They can be seen tagged with the word “ad” to point out paid content.

PPC ad campaigns work wonders for B2B business as they bring you at the top of the search results. It means that companies are looking for a business similar to yours. Furthermore, they’ll start with having a look at your business and then click on your listing. 

To add PPC advertising into your B2B marketing strategy, you’ll need to know the following things:

Opting for ad extensions

One of the most important tools – Ad extensions will help you grab interest in your ads. These various extensions can be helpful in adding more information to your ad. This additional information can drive more people to click on your ad. 

Optimize for long-tail keywords

PPC is another concept that works on keywords. Whenever someone types a specific keyword in the search bar, it pushes your ad to appear in the search results. So, if you wish to get the best results out of your PPC campaign, always focus on long-tail keywords. 

As long-tail keywords are specific, they naturally have less competition. A lesser competition means a lower cost per click (CPC) because hardly one or two companies bid on the keyword and boost the price. Consequently, you’ll get more clicks for your budget.

Generate a specific landing page

One of the most common mistakes made by B2B companies is using the existing page of their sites as a landing page for a PPC ad. If you want to provide customized services to keep your leads focused, then you must make a dedicated landing page.

A specific or dedicated landing page lets you provide customized information to your target audiences. Other than that, they also get important information about the things they’re concerned about.


Now that you’re familiar with the B2B marketing strategies, it’s time to create a campaign. These insights stated above will stand the test of time and turn out to be highly effective in 2021. We hope this article on B2B marketing strategies will help you in gaining in-depth knowledge to improve your company’s approach towards B2B marketing. 

If you have any query, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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