10 Reasons How SEO Benefits Your SaaS Business

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Benefits Of SEO For SaaS

Software as a service, popularly known as SaaS, is a business model where customers pay for using software on a remote computer. 

SaaS has become very popular these days because anyone can implement software for smooth operations without gaining expertise for the development of software. 

At present, the market is packed with companies offering SaaS, so it becomes quite difficult for a SaaS provider to acquire and retain customers. 

And that’s where SEO plays its role. People today ask Google about everything and thus, one can’t overlook the importance of SEO for SaaS companies

Let us tell you in brief why SEO is so important.

Benefits Of SEO For SaaS

1. Enhances Organic Search

Your website performance has a high dependency on organic search, which is directly influenced by SEO. If you have a strong SEO, then your website can rank higher in search results. 

Among all the search engines, Google boasts a larger chunk of the search market than Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

A large number of the population has access to the internet and the majority of them visit Google daily, at least once to search about something. 

Almost 75% of people don’t even bother to go to the second search page. If you have a strongly built SEO strategy, you will be more visible to your audience than your competitors. 

The best part about organic search is that you don’t have to pay a penny for it. SEO is getting your SaaS business Model more leads for free through organic search. 

The more you appear in organic searches, the more conversions you can expect. 

2. Brings More Closures

Your business performance is completely measurable on the basis of the number of leads closed. 

You get the money in your pocket from customers only when you close a deal. In modern marketing strategies, SEO has a huge contribution to a higher close rate. 

According to research, around 14.6% close rate is attained from SEO leads. On the flip side, the close rate from outbound leads is only 1.7%. 

You can see that your SaaS business can get a major push by using SEO. 

In the outbound process, you reach out to people and in the inbound process, people reach out to you. And that’s why close rates vary this much. 

3. Develops Trust & Credibility

Appearing at the top position in google searches portrays you as the eminent SaaS player in the industry. 

Your appearance in search results indicates that you have been searched by a lot of people. This makes a perception in people’s minds that you are a reliable option to get services from. 

You can build authority with quality backlinks, optimized content, positive user behavior, and more. 

All these elements have a direct connection with SEO. While building authority, you need to be patient. The right strategy and effort will give excellent results but over time. 

4. Saves More Cost Than Other Strategies

If you are new in the market and tight on your budget but still considering marketing your brand, SEO is the right stake to invest in.  SEO costs you some money but relatively less than other options. The benefits your brand and bottom line will get are quite considerable also. 

Wise SEO implementation, significant attention, a little investment, and patience are definitely going to reap you advantages. 

5. Increases Brand Awareness

If you want recognition in the target market, establishing brand awareness is paramount. 

To increase brand awareness, your target customers should know you as a SaaS brand, and to let them know about you, your appearance in their searches is necessary. The solution to be on the top of the relevant searches is SEO. 

SEO techniques help you to be visible to your target audience through organic search. When your audience will see you more on the top, the chances of your link being clicked surges. 

Ultimately, the more familiar your target audience is with your SaaS business, the more chances are that they will get converted. 

6. Helps You Lead the Competition

The marketing tactics are constantly changing with technology. 

But you may still find some of your competitors using traditional marketing or paying less attention & investment in digital marketing techniques, such as SEO. Here is your chance to gain a competitive edge over them. 

Use SEO and try to rank on the top of the searches. People tend to trust the top-ranking brand more and close a deal with that brand. 

No SaaS company should ignore SEO as it is one of the most beneficial long-term inbound marketing strategies. 

With the right SEO strategies in place, you can gain considerably more return than investment and lead the competition. 

On the flip side, without the right SEO strategy implemented, you may find a multitude of potential customers snagged by your competitors. 

7. Influences Buying Cycle Positively 

One of the benefits of the internet that people leverage fully is research. Before making any decision, they take the information needed from the internet. 

You can establish yourself as a thought leader for your audience. You can offer them content that can help in making buying decisions in your favor. 

Using SEO to promote your content and influencing their thought process can be a game-changer. When done strategically and right, it can positively impact your buying cycle. 

By presenting yourself as a thought leader and making the target audience find your content, you have already helped them with the answers to their questions. 

Now, you don’t have to convince them a lot because they will easily pass through your sales pipeline, which will eventually shorten the buying cycle.  

8. Accrues More Subscribers

Today, the Internet is a reliable option and your potential customers first find solutions to their problem by going through content available on the Internet. 

You can positively influence their decision by providing a solution at the top of the search results. They are likely to click the first link that appears on the search result, thus make sure that your link is on the top. 

It has been seen that people like to find the solution to their problem through blogs, articles, infographics, videos, etc., rather than ads.

So you need to focus on SEO of your every content to rank higher in the search results. If you provide value to the potential audience of your SaaS business, then they are more likely to ask for more and subscribe to get more valuable content. 

Research says that almost 80% of the key decision-makers like to receive company information through articles but not ads

So, using SEO to promote your content for influencing buying decisions by educating your audience can get you more subscribers that may later turn into paying customers. 

9. Improves User Experience 

SEO helps in generating traffic but if you are not redirecting your visitors to the relevant page, your bounce rate will increase. 

Whether you focus on your user’s experience or not but search engines do. If the search engine notices that your link or website is not providing users what they are looking for, then you will be pushed down in the searches. 

To enhance your performance in search results, you need to offer users what they want through the right SEO strategies

Just placing keywords here and there won’t work. You need to add the right keywords in the right content to make it appear in the relevant searches. 

If you are doing it consistently, your bounce rate will decrease, and search engines will become your friend. 

Your position in searches may still fluctuate, but users will stay on your page because of the experience that you are providing and this is what search engines want. 

10. Builds Synergy Among All Digital Marketing Strategies

If you are investing all of your attention and budget on one digital marketing strategy, you are not going to get overall good results. 

The success of your SEO strategies can only be determined by the performance of all of your digital marketing activities. 

All of your activities, including social media marketing, eCommerce, web management, content marketing, and others need to perform well to get your SaaS business on top of the search results. 

All your marketing activities should be focused on merely one goal to achieve success. SEO has the potential to get all of these activities to work well through the right implemented strategies. 

You just need to play wise, keep your targets clear, and shoot efforts exactly in the right direction.


In the digital world, SEO brings limitless opportunities for you to build awareness, brand equity, and more. When you use paid services, you stop getting traffic when you stop paying. 

But with SEO, you can minimize your investment when you are tight on budget. This new-age marketing technique can bring benefits always to your SaaS business.

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