Let’s celebrate freedom with 15th August Social Media Covers

It is the most important day in the history of India when the dream of countless Indians to achieve freedom from the rule of a foreign nation was turned into a reality. For nearly a hundred years, India was ruled by the British Raj and numerous Indian nationalists and freedom fighters strived to attain freedom from their rule. This was finally achieved on 15th August 1947 and ever since then the day has been celebrated as the Indian Independence Day.

On this day, the hearts of the people of India are filled with sentiments of patriotism. Every person, every brand and every company express their love and heartfelt emotions towards their beloved country as the nation gets together to celebrate Indian Independence Day in different ways. Apart from hoisting flags and singing the national anthem, individuals take on various social causes to express their love for the people of the country. They also make use of social media to dedicate this day to the good fortunes and happiness of their loved ones as well as the people of the nation.

The creative heads of numerous brands also take to various social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to announce their love, personal and company stories as well as promote new products. By expressing their feelings of patriotism, these brands connect directly with all the people of this nation and win their hearts. Using the tools and techniques of digital marketing has enabled them to promote their firms on this special day. Many companies are now paying serious interest on this form of marketing as it enables them to connect to the youth of the country through the internet.

While marketing is carried out by every brand in the country, it is the way it is done that matters the most. The marketing strategy must be unique to bear maximum results. Only those that can come up with the weirdest, different and crazy ideas stand out. It is important that a connection is made with the audience so that the digital marketing strategy bears the maximum fruit. Using trending hashtags or well chosen social media images that can be used as Independence Day wishes can not only allow a company to connect with more users on this special day but also improve the firm’s prospects for the future.

TejSolPro wishes everyone in India a very Happy Independence Day! Here is just a small giveaway that we present you today from our side.

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