Social Media is going to be Success Mantra for all online businesses at India

Promoting products and services only on Search Engines has become old fashion, Competition on online promotion is becoming very much competitive day by day. Time and techniques have been changed in marketing world you cannot rely only on Search Engines for your business or brands especially when Search engines are making changes in algorithms and making Search Engine Optimization harder.

Social Media India

The time has come to think about other marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc

I am not saying to forget Search Engine Optimization but what I meant to say is you must think about other promotion techniques & platforms such as Social Media Marketing because nowadays Social Media Marketing has become more popular in the world as a Marketing platform. Multiple industries, peoples, celebrities, politicians, brands are on Social Media sites to satisfy their online promotion needs. Social media has become mandatory for all.

Total Facebook Users 61 499 220 which has increased by 78 35 680 in the last 6 months.

Let see how Facebook is becoming most popular social media marketing platform in India

  1. In Social Bakers India is on #3 in the list of the countries which is using Facebook
  2. Facebook’s penetration of population in India is 5.24% compared to the country’s penetration of the online population

Most of Indian Facebook users age is 18 to 24 total of 29 415 660 users followed by users in the age of 25 to 34 (75% male and 25% female users.

Let take a look of top Indian Brands on Social Media

Facebook India Stats


  1. Tata Docomo – 12,537,024 Fans
  2. Vodafone Zoozoos – 9,183,198 Fans
  3. Nokia India – 6,322,899 Fans
  4. Fasttrack – 5,771,281 Fans
  5. Samsung Mobile India – 5,201,711 Fans


  1. BCCI (@BCCI) – 222 709 Followers
  2. Tata Docomo (@tatadocomo) – 53 306 Followers
  3. Nokia India (@NokiaIndia) – 40388 Followers
  4. Samsung Mobile India (@SamsungMobileIN) – 33 710 Followers
  5. Club Mahindra (@clubmahindra) – 29 433 Followers


  1. Sony Music India SME- Subscribers 365917 – Video Views 244824057
  2.  Nokia India Office – Subscribers 13882 – Video Views 15076697
  3.  Universal Music India – Subscribers 9002 – Video Views 13655904
  4.  IN Airtel – Subscribers 6057 – Video Views 8912803
  5.  Dewars India – Subscribers 16026 – Video Views 3989973

This looks it’s just beginning of a Social Media era in India, Based on the figures it looks like Social Media will turn to be a game changer for many industries. I guess you have read our previous post about Social Media Arrest in India, Don’t you think this is significant that Social Media is turning into  big Game Changer mode. Are you also agreeing with us that Social Media will be a game changer?

Disclaimer : All figures and stats are based on information.

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