3 SEO Methods to Boost eCommerce ROI

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The success of your eCommerce business is highly dependent on your ability to efficiently reach customers and increase your sales. In a world where so much of the information we receive and interactions we partake in happens through the internet by far the best tool to help you achieve this task is search engine optimization (SEO). 

Basically, SEO allows you to increase your website traffic by boosting its visibility in a search engine, and in a world where the first thing we do when we want to find something out is to do a Google search, the potential should be self-evident. This is confirmed even further when we take into account that 44% of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search.

SEO has definitely been receiving a lot of attention over the past few years – and for a good reason, but the methods you can use to help you get the results you want are still not understood well. Because of this, today we are going to help you out by taking a look at three SEO methods that will help you to boost eCommerce ROI. 

SEO Methods to Boost eCommerce ROI

1. Keyword Research

3 SEO Methods to Boost eCommerce ROI

Keywords are the foundation of every eCommerce SEO campaign and as such, require a lot of time to be adequately researched and prepared. In short, keyword research provides the foundation for all other SEO related tasks that will be performed on your website, as it will allow you to optimize your products and organize your websites category pages, which will all be of tremendous use.

Choosing the right keywords is essential if you want your website to appear on the first page of search results. In order to achieve this, you need to find the right balance between keywords that have a good search volume and the ones that are fairly easy to rank for.

Another thing you should keep in mind when choosing your target keywords is buyer intent. Are they still researching products or are they already ready to buy?

For example, someone who’s still indecisive and trying to figure out which product to buy will more likely search for “best laptops”. On the other hand, someone who’s already decided will search for something more specific, for example, “Lenovo Yoga”.

There are many tools you can use to conduct your keyword research from specialized applications to websites such as Amazon. You can simply use Amazon’s autofill suggestions to find high buyer intent keywords. And if you have many seed keywords to choose from, Amazon also has a tool that scrapes autofill suggestions automatically. This will then allow you to find the ones that make sense for your products and integrate them into your SEO in a new and unique way.

2. Website Design Optimization

3 SEO Methods to Boost eCommerce ROI

The design of your website is another great method through which you can boost the performance of your SEO and of your eCommerce business in general.

First off, a few tips you can use when it comes to the design of your website. A well-optimized website must be able to leave a good first impression. To do this, try working on the design of your website. It’s a good idea to seek help from a business that specializes in eCommerce web development to make sure the job is done right.

Another key thing is to try not to overburden your website with unneeded information that will distract people, instead try only showing the bare amount that will get your customers what they need.

Keeping your website design clean and simple, and getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter will also allow your website to load faster and be mobile friendly. Mobile optimization is essential in 2019, as most browsing and purchases happen on smartphones. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your design will read well on smaller screens as well.

And besides that, your customers are not the only ones who will be happy with your mobile-friendly eCommerce website – mobile optimization is also favored by Google, so you’re more likely to float to the top of search results.

Aside from the aesthetic design of your website, you should also pay attention to its architecture. This is especially true for eCommerce businesses as their sites tend to have a lot more pages through which customers need to orient. A golden rule to follow is to make every page on your website no more than three clicks away which will make it easier for customers to find what they need. 

3. Content Marketing

3 SEO Methods to Boost eCommerce ROI

Content is one of the most integral parts of SEO campaigns as it helps you get targeted traffic and through it more sales. To make efficient content for your SEO marketing campaign, you will first have to get in touch with an SEO company and form a deeper understanding of your target audience, most importantly what they are interested in and want to see.

You can do this by conducting surveys and customer analysis but there are also many community websites you can take a look at to find the information you need without having to bother your customers too much. By doing this, you will be able to get a general idea of what type of content they want to see but also what words and phrases they tend to look for boosting the efficiency of your keywords.

Finally, it’s time to use the information you gather to create an interesting piece of content that will grab the attention of your potential customers. You should also remember that consistency and quality are the two keys to good content marketing.


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that attracting customers to your eCommerce website is only one part of the whole process. The big challenge is to make them want to come back, which is why you should build your SEO marketing campaign around that idea. While there are many methods you can use to optimize your SEO, the ones listed here should give you the basics to help you to boost eCommerce ROI through SEO.

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