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From Zero To 5 Lakh Page Views That Lead To 400% + Organic Growth In a Year!

From Zero To 5 Lakh Page Views That Lead To 400% + Organic Growth In a Year!

Project Overview

Caringly Yours is Bajaj Allianz General Insurance’s new brand identity which is introduced to revamp their overall image among everyone. The client’s primary objective is to improve their ranking and increase the incoming traffic on the website.

Besides this, the client also wished to ensure that their information reached their targeted audiences. Last but not least, they wanted to create insurance-related awareness from their website. The website has several solutions relating to health, travel, wellness, and home maintenance.


Caringly Yours


Total Page Views

0 K +

Organic Traffic Growth

In last 6 months
0 %

Bounce Rate

0 %


Introduction to SEO

In simple language, It refers to the process of boosting the quality and quantity of website traffic coming to the website from the search engines.

Challenges Faced

As Caringly Yours was a new initiative altogether, there was a need for a brand new blogging website. Our team diligently worked towards this new blogging website from scratch and making it visible among its targeted audience.

From Zero To 5 Lakh Page Views That Lead To 400% + Organic Growth In a Year!
From Zero To 5 Lakh Page Views That Lead To 400% + Organic Growth In a Year!

Another challenge that awaited us was the process of Keyword Research. At first, our team was quite baffled as there were so many categories of insurance. It meant there was a need for in- depth keyword research.

Moving further, we came across while working on Keyword Mapping. So many of the keywords available on the website were just not relevant to the blogs. Due to which, it became difficult to make the website and blogs rank on the search engine.

With these many challenges, it seemed impossible to reach the goals. But with our team’s hard work and dedication, the task which seemed to be so tough became as smooth as silk.


Keyword Research

The term keyword research refers to the process of identifying popular keywords that you wish to rank on a search engine. For solving the issue related to keyword research, we initiated doing keyword research by category wise. Post that, the client created blogs on the new searched keywords. They also ensured that these blogs went live on their website.

Keyword Mapping

Once the new blogs went live on the website, we did our magic on them by doing keyword mapping. Here, we tried to add the essential keywords in the introduction, headings, and the titles of their blog. The primary reason for doing this was to increase the blog’s visibility and also the number of keywords. Besides this, it was also aimed towards getting the website rank on more or similar keywords.

Competitor Analysis

It is utterly essential to know what your competitors are doing. This way it becomes easier to reach the target audience. Here, our team also did some research on the client’s competitors and whatever they were doing. With this, our client has the opportunity to do better and leave their competitors behind in the game.

Blog Optimization

For solving this problem, our team created a Meta Title, Meta Description. They also indulged in internal and external linking structure. After making these changes there was a humongous improvement in the website’s ranking and organic traffic.

Link Building

As it was a fresh and new website, we started with some basic link building from October 2019 to October 2020 and the number of backlinks is 22.4K & the Referring domains are 902.

And the results..

We started the project almost 1 year ago with zero page views and today this page views has increased to a whopping number of 5 lakhs.

Here are some screenshots that will showcase the growth Caringly Yours has achieved in such
a period of 1 year.

* The data mentioned above is as of October 2020.

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