5 Best SaaS SEO Strategies To Get More Sales

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Strategies to Get More Sales with SaaS SEO

Using the SaaS SEO optimization model to increase sales and overall website traffic is key to success as many companies claim today.

As statistics say, 75% of people who are online choose to enter into a business relationship with one of the top three search results when looking to buy a particular service or product.

However, how one’s content will be ranked depends primarily on its overall quality.

So, to get more sales, it is best to use certain strategies that have proven to be the most effective and that can help a company or business get to a higher level.

As the competition is never greater, in the continuation of this article, some of these strategies for SaaS SEO that are used for sales growth will be mentioned and analyzed.

SaaS SEO Strategies to Get More Sales

1. Quality website content is primary

Google search works by having the primary goal of providing the best possible options to anyone who types something into a search engine.

That is why the website content must be original, high-quality, and that attention is paid to it.

People who spend a lot of time online can already recognize for themselves when some content is not good enough and when it sounds unconvincing. 

So, originality must come first.

In order to increase sales, strong content directly affects the marketing of a particular business so valuable information is necessary.

Some of the functions of good website content are:

  • To inform the audience
  • To educate them on how to use a certain service or product
  • To help its owner to establish himself as an expert in his niche

The latter is certainly useful because there is more and more competition day by day and people who deal with online marketing must stand out.

The focus is on the needs of consumers, so the content has to respond to everything that might interest them.

The number of words, keywords, and backlinks are additional elements that make the marketing strategy even more effective and a website top-ranked.

2. Technical stuff must not be neglected

A business website should be fully tailored to consumer needs and user-friendly if the goal is to get more sales.

In addition to the quality of the content, what significantly affects SEO rankings are the technical details.

The main technical segments that can affect potential sales are:

  • Website speed

Consumers will not want to wait for too long for a page to open, they will simply switch to another website to buy what they need.

If there is a possibility to improve load speed, it should definitely be used as competing websites have been doing that for a long time now.

For example, Google offers the PageSpeed Insights extension which performs analyzes and shows which parts of the website are the key parts when it comes to the improvement of speed.

Whether it is image optimization, URLs, reducing redirects, or similar, it’s all there, and it is also both mobile and desktop responsive.

Source: DelanoDigitalSolutions 

Measuring performance is a sure way for marketers to improve their weaknesses on time.

  • Security and reliability

It is also necessary for websites to be secure and reliable because if they aren’t, it can prevent Google ranking and thus reduce sales opportunities.

  • Responsiveness

What is especially important for all online businesses is that the website is fully responsive which means it is available on the phone and desktop.

  • Consumer orientation

Statistics show that 89% of consumers switch to competitors’ websites due to a bad user experience, which means that user-friendly websites are especially appreciated today.

So, constant provision of helpful steps and customer orientation is no less important than any other technical issue. Moreover, it is crucial.

3. Backlinks are highly-important

Links are one of the main reliable indicators of good search engine rankings.

Google automatically ranks a particular website higher the more relevant websites mention it through links.

Today, it is not so important to have too many backlinks, it is more a priority that they are valuable and high-quality.

For backlinks to be determined as relevant, the following is important:

  • They need to be mentioned by websites that are already strong and relevant
  • They need to be mentioned by websites that are connected to the same niche

Using backlinks boosts page traffic and eventually ensures more sales.

It is much better to build links wisely. The two most common ways that marketers use to establish cooperation with these relevant websites are:

  1. Building a referral program to collect highly-qualified leads

By offering a referral, marketers give that other website a chance to increase sales if someone signs up with their link.

  1. Writing guest blog posts

Either they write guest blog posts for some relevant website and link it from their blog, or they offer these websites to guest post. 

Good backlinks are a quick and efficient way to upgrade online business strategy and increase sales.

4. Updating a website is a constant need

People don’t want to read content that hasn’t been updated nor does something that is a passing topic hold their attention for long.

In order to be relevant, and therefore more attractive to search engines, the content must be regularly updated as well as its keywords.

Therefore, for a high-ranked website, it is important that it keeps attention, that the content is relevant, that it deals with popular topics, that the page is properly formatted, that older posts are improved, and similar.

As already mentioned, responsiveness is very important for ranking, too.

To test whether a website is mobile-friendly, many use various mobile-friendly testing tools which can be found all over the internet.

Source: GoogleDevelopers


It is important to be available to everyone but also everywhere.

5. Keyword optimization is essential

Keywords are an important part of SEO rankings, for sure.

These are the ones that people type into a search engine when they want to find something.

However, it is important to be careful in their use and optimize them in accordance with the content.

These are just some of the targeting keywords that help increase sales:

  • Product keywords

These are words that describe a particular product or service and are directly related to a particular brand.

  • Customer defined keywords

These are words that customers type in the search engine which they would generally use to define themselves.

  • LSI keywords

They are usually semantically related to the specific main topic which interests customers.

  • Geo-targeted keywords

These are the words that customers type in when they want to find a particular location such as city, state, or similar and are especially suitable for local businesses.

Keywords are extremely important because it all starts with them.

When creating them, special attention is of course paid to customers, what type of audience it is, what they need, and more.

To find words that are in trend, many use free SEO tools, which has proven to be a good practice when it comes to SaaS SEO.

Source: ExplodingTopics

The Bottom Line

Doing good SEO for a particular SaaS platform or website is not such a difficult job if people devote a certain amount of effort and attention.

Marketers are persistently trying to fit all segments of that endeavor into one perfect SEO strategy, and today, with many tools and ideas on the internet, it is not impossible to do so.

If you need more help with improving your SEO you can hire experts and expect amazing results!

In addition to these above-mentioned ways to increase sales, another good tactic for engaging customers as quickly as possible is to use engaging pop-ups and make your website even more user-friendly.

Using a couple of these strategies is a good thing, but using them all is the best decision an aspiring online marketer can make.

After all, these 5 best strategies to get more sales with SaaS SEO prove that, although maintaining an online business website is a difficult task, an increase in sales does not have to be.

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