Podcast SEO: Tips To Make Your Podcasts SEO Friendly

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Podcast SEO

In order to have an online presence, it is very important to perform good SEO for your site. The three main pillars of good SEO are high quality interesting content, backlinks, and strong technical SEO. Exceptional quality content is usually related to compelling blog posts, images, and video content on your site which is relevant to the business that you are doing or to the message that you clearly want to convey.

The importance of podcasts has been overlooked for a long time. It has been done by many people in the past, but its importance is being rediscovered now. Google has also mentioned over the past year that soon podcasts will be indexed. Podcast SEO is a term used to tell you how to perform SEO of your podcast to increase its visibility.

There are different ways to perform SEO on your podcast. Here are a few tips on how to perform Podcast SEO.

How do Podcasts show up in Google search engines?

Recently Google mentioned that podcasts will also be indexed along with good blog content in their dictionary and users can search for relevant and topic related podcasts. But, how does this happen? Here is everything you want to know about it.

Once the podcasts are indexed, the user will be able to search for the podcast and will be able to find relevant episodes straight through the search engine results. For this, Google and its services analyze the audio and automatically transcribe the content to present the content in relevant search results. 

Google podcasts automatically transcribe the content for metatext and hence people can find the podcast in the specific search. This proves that Podcast SEO is also crucial and now with the help of Google, Podcasts are going to become one more important tool in increasing the outreach of your site. 

Tips to perform Podcast SEO

Here are the tips to perform Podcast SEO and the things that you need to be careful about. 

What’s there in a name?

The English poet and author, Shakespeare had quoted this. But, for doing SEO for any site or blog or Podcast everything is there in the title or the name of the content. This means that the title for your podcast should not only be captivating but should also clearly explain the content of the podcast and have appropriate keywords with high search volume.

But, again don’t try to stuff keywords in the title. Make the title catchy and insert relevant keywords as and when needed in the title. Your title should be easy to follow and interactive.

Your podcast should contain a meaningful and brief description of the episode, a list of notable takeaways, an artistically developed episode, a checklist of things that you are going to discuss in the podcast and a lot more.

SEO of your website

Just having quality content in your podcast and doing podcast SEO is not enough. You should also optimize your site and get authentic backlinks from other genuine authoritative sites. Consider the fact that a user might be looking at the quality content of your podcast and may want to link your site on his site. He or she may check for your site’s authority.

A site’s authority is built by performing both the on-page and off-page SEO. It includes proper link-building, appropriate optimization of your blog content, keyword optimization, and a lot more. A well-optimized website will start ranking on top in Google search engine and this is what the person will look for who is considering linking to your podcast content.


Adding high search volume keywords to the title of your podcast is an important factor in Podcast SEO. A high search volume keyword may become the title of your podcast. 

But once you start adding episodes to your podcast it becomes very difficult to rank on one high search volume keyword, so make a point to keep different keywords in different episodes. You can also use long-tail keywords to explain your content in detail and attract traffic. Also, make sure that you do not use the same keyword repeatedly as this might jeopardize the ranking of your podcast. 

Optimizing your RSS feed

RSS feed is a web feed that allows the users and other websites to excess information from your website or post in a computer-readable format. You may be hosting your podcasts on podcasting platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and other podcasting platforms. It is your RSS feed that gives information about your podcast content to these platforms. 

When a user subscribes to your podcast, he or she is subscribing to your RSS feed. So, when you make any changes in your blog, video or podcast your RSS feed provides the exact information to your users. Thus, it is very much important to optimize your RSS feed and make it really compatible. A well-optimized RSS feed caters to the search needs of the people and helps attract more visitors to your site. 


A metatext is the description of your blog, video or podcast that appears just below the title of your content in the search engine result. It is the description that gives the very first and top-class information about your content to the reader which will prompt the reader to click on the link of your content and land on your website. 

The meta text should contain the main keyword that you have chosen for your content as well as a detailed and well-formatted description of your content that will attract new visitors and readers. The meta tags are really helpful for Search Engines to read and understand your content. 

The metatags also help to attract users that are looking for a particular genre of information. Adding a variety of metatags that are relevant to your content helps in gaining more visibility of your content.

Content recycling

Usually, what do you do on a specific topic that you want on your website? Many times you find good and relevant content on the internet and then take the key pointers and write the whole content according to your needs and requirements. In the same way, you can also rewrite the content of your small podcast in a big and detailed blog post putting the podcast video and including more keywords. 

Youtube the effective search engine for podcasting

If you are seriously considering podcast SEO for your site, then Youtube video is the most important thing that you should think about. Youtube in itself is a big search engine, amd Youtube videos usually come on top of Google search results. 

It is very easy to convert your podcast video in a Youtube friendly video format and you can upload the video on the search engine. It is the most trafficked site on the web after Google and millions of people check Youtube videos for their business and other stuff. 


Google is the biggest Search engine and it is quite important to leverage your site according to Google guidelines and do content SEO. You should have a lot of high-quality content on your site. Another option of having good content is podcasting. Podcasting is very important. 

About 30% of Americans listen to podcasts once a month, more than 50% of podcast listeners buy products advertised on podcasts, Active podcast listeners have a high rate of annual income as compared to others. So, these are the benefits of doing podcasting. But, once you have a podcast then Podcast SEO should also be done. These are the benefits of Podcast SEO for your site. If you know of anything more important then do let us know in the comment section.

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