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Google Adwords is the best way to get business quickly if the campaign setup is done in a proper manner, a good campaign structure can bring you good business and the best ROI. So what is the basic thing that you should keep in mind while creating campaigns for your business?

So start wondering what will the things you should keep in mind about getting a Better ROI and Conversations? Don’t worry your wait is over, here we go with 9 things you must implement for a better PPC campaign.

Things That Will Improve PPC ROI

1. Location Specific

It is always better to create location specific campaign when you have a low or limited budget. Google Adwords provides several options to target a specific location.

You can directly add country or territory names into a location section or if you want to target specific areas in the city then you can go with Radius targeting., you just have to find out the coordinates of that particular location.

For example one of your clients wants to show their ads in Ahmedabad and 50 kilometers around, in this case, you just have to find out the coordinates of Ahmedabad and you can specify Adwords to show your ads in Ahmedabad and 50 Kilometers around. You can choose Ahmedabad as a city in AdWords but this idea will help the cities you can’t choose directly in AdWords.

You can also exclude a specific area or city in which you don’t like to show your ads. You also can check our blog post about Local SEO.

2. Creative Ads

“Stand out from the crowd”

This is the thing that can be a key to success for your Adwords Campaigns. Most people don’t give much attention to the ad copy but this is the thing which is going to be the first contact point of your customers and your business, this is only that can make users click on your ad, So you should be careful while creating ads.

“Highlight your USP (Unique Selling Point)”

Before creating ads do some research for keywords or product which you are going to promote on your Adwords Campaign and find out what other advertisers are missing or what they are offering, to gain more business from the campaign you must give a strong reason to users to click on your ad.

To do so if you are offering some discounts then mention it in your ad, For Example, you are selling Helmets at a 30% discounted price of regular rates then you must mention it in your Ad you can also use price extension for showing price discounts.

Why should someone click on your ad when there are a lot many other advertisers who are there? This could be an answer to what should be your Ad Copy.

3. Call For Action

This is the point where most of the people are miss to provide a direct contact point. Call For Action is the thing that can’t be ignored.
You must add calling for action elements in your Ads like the following examples

For Example if you are selling product through Adwords then you should add Browse our store, Free Shipping, Order today, Order Now
If you are providing services then you should add Get A Free Quote, Call Now, Call (xx Number) 24/7.

4. Add Negative Keywords

Adding Negative Keywords can save your money also it can help you with brand positioning, How? By adding Negative keywords you are specifying Adwords not to show your ads when those keywords (which you have added as Negative Keywords) are searched by users on Google.

How can it be helpful for Brand Positioning?

Let say you are a web designing company offering the Best website design services and you are bidding on “Web Design India” (Phrase Match), so your ad can be fired on “Best Web Design India” as well as on “Cheap Web Design India”.

Being the Best web designing company you don’t want to fire your ad on “CHEAP Web Design Company”. So the negative keyword list will help you here and your ad will not fire when anyone searches for “Cheap Web Design Company”.

How can it save you money?

You are offering “Limo for hire“ then you might don’t want your ad to be triggered when someone is searching “Limo For Sale”, so in this case, the sale can be negative keywords for this specific campaign.

There is no fix negative keywords list which can be used in every campaign, You have to find out by researching. If you have an existing campaign then you can also take the help of “SEARCH TERMS” reports which show keyword variations for which your ad has been triggered, you can select and add keywords that you think are not profitable to your business.

You can even get positive keywords ideas from the “SEARCH TERMS” report.

5. Optimize Landing Pages

Before we start discussing this point let me tell you that “Home page is not a Landing Page” (not in every case).

You have created the best-structured Campaign have created great creative ads, users are clicking on your ads but you are not getting business or leads? What could be the possible reason for this? Improper or non-relevant landing page.

Most people just don’t understand the importance of a landing page they just add a homepage as a landing page or they just put irrelevant landing pages or in some cases they just forget to highlight their USP (Unique Selling Point).

Let’s take a look at some points that be can help to create the best landing page

Offer what they are looking for

  • Don’t Create a Mess: Don’t just make a mess by offering multiple things on the landing page, show users what they are looking for straight away.
  • Don’t Encourage their laziness: You just have a few seconds to engage your users to your website if you failed to do that users will leave your website quickly, so just create a simple landing page with short content. People don’t like to read so it can be a good idea to provide a video or image on the landing page.
  • Relevancy: Your landing page must be relevant to the ads you showed on the page, in fact, the content of your ad should be a mirror of your landing page, which will help users to take decisions quickly.
  • Loading Time: on the Internet, people don’t have time so make sure your landing page loads rapidly or you will lose valuable paid traffic.
  • Get Attention: “Quickly get their attention” Create 0 scrolling pages and try to highlight your special features of services or products you offer, so users won’t have to look or scroll to get more information.
  • A/B Testing: If you have multiple designs and you are confused about which landing page design will work then you should go with A/B testing, which will help you to determine and measure which page or how different landing pages affect visitors’ behavior.

6. Improve Quality Score & CTR

The quality score is the rating scale of Adwords that helps advertisers to determine keywords/campaign performance, Adwords decides the quality score is measured by certain things like Landing Page, Campaign Structure, Relevancy, CTR, and ads.

The highest quality score is 10 and the lowest is 1, higher quality score will help you to get a top position with less cost per click (CTR).

7. Conversion Tracking

Setting up conversion tracking can be a good idea if you want to measure the campaign performance, it helps you to know which campaign, Ad Group, or keywords are bringing business or leads or you can also with conversion tracking you can also measure and decide how much you should spend on PPC campaigns.

If any of your campaigns are not performing or say campaigns are not bringing business or leads then you should stop wasting your money on that particular campaign and can invest/spend more money on the performing ones.

8. Keep Experimenting

Setting up a campaign and making it live is not enough, to get better ROI from an Adwords campaign you have to continuously keep experimenting with things or you should keep looking for the thing that can help you to make your PPC campaign successful.

So just keep an eye on every performing and non-performing campaigns, try to make each and every one of them spending less money and getting more and more clicks and business for you.

9. Hire Good Consultant

Well, here you have a chance to read more details or just simply Hire PPC Expert. Oops, it looks like a marketing pitch but it is not. Why you need a consultant / consulting company as they are having experience from various vertical, as well as they, had managed several campaigns which gives them an edge. A good company not only helps you to design the best campaigns but also for getting better ROI.

I hope you have enjoyed the above points, Do you think we missed any? If so comment below, you also can comment to boost our motivation to keep providing this kind of Tips.

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