Tej Solpro’s 2017 Year in Review [Infographic]

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The Year of 2017 has been wonderful for us. So here is a brief review of what we have done in 2017 which we would like you to know about it.

We have organized and participated about 60+ Meet Ups, had 450+ Pizza Slices as well as also consumed 7.5k+ Tea and Coffee cups, did around 4k+ Posts on Social Media, more importantly we gained more than 8k followers and had around 150k+ engagements.

In this year, from our and the clients side we have sent 25k+ Emails, posted 500+ blogs, on paid campaigns we have spent more than 75k dollars, we purchased 25+ tools for SEO agency and Social Media, and the SEO traffic we delivered in the 2017 year is more than 2.5M.

For 2018, we aim to work more efficiently and deliver you the best services so that you and we can have a great 2018.

Tej Solpro's 2017 Year in Review [Infographic]

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