Time to Say goodbye to these Digital marketing trends in 2018

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Marketing has always been a dynamic and ever changing process. What may work today might not work tomorrow while what works for some might not necessarily work for another business of the same category. Digital marketing strategy too has gone above and beyond the tactics that were popularly used before, their shelf life having reached its expiration date.

While building your inbound marketing strategy for 2018, it is about time to wave goodbye to trends in the field that no longer reap the benefits. while making way for online marketing strategies that grow brand awareness while obtaining superior leads and directing ones sales team to increased revenue.

Have a look at what must change in your internet marketing strategies for improved results, compiled by digital marketing company, Tej SolPro. 

1) Drip campaigns In Digital marketing

Drip campaigning, with e-mails sent to a large contact list with no personalization, leads to lower engagement rates rather that higher interest by the receiver.

The right digital marketing strategy would require a demographic, behavioral and engagement statistic study of target audience leading into personalized e-mails with relevant content.

2) Text Heavy E-Books

The shift from desktop usage to portable mobile devices has diminished the need of heavy text with prolonged lengths.

Short content with greater interaction through the use of quizzes, surveys, videos and online animation. which are coupled with a proactive landing page generates higher consumer interest and involvement that previously preferred long text-based articles and promotions.

3) Blogging with Quantity rather than Quality

With the over saturation of content online, buyers and clients seek content of quality rather than quality, to create a more longstanding effect on the perception of one’s brand. Over-crowding content with irrelevant matter would have a negative effect.

Time to Say goodbye to these Digital marketing trends in 2018

Blog posts must be particularly focused on subject matter, keeping in mind the purpose of driving leads to content and supporting relevant campaigns.

4) Over-complexity of Algorithm

Slow down of lead generation is noticed when the lead scoring algorithm is over complex.

Simplicity leads to better results. A lead scoring system based on lead behavior and demographics should be used to avoid combinations of point values. It also leads to termination of negative point values.

5) Marketing Automation Overload

While marketing automation is beneficial to primary internal marketing, it must be used subtly for marketing activity.

6) Fully Organic Facebook Strategies

Facebook marketing‘s organic reach continues its decline to an all time low; only 2 to 6 percent of target audience get to view your posts.

Use of post boosts and advertisements on the platform allows increased reach. And they also assures your message reaches the target audience you desire.

7) Untargeted E-Mailing

The nonstrategic and random dispatch of emails to hopefully generate interest will never generate as much engrossment and head as received by targeted account based marketing of definite accounts and decision makers.

Time to Say goodbye to these Digital marketing trends in 2018

Always try to make creative individualized messages and creative ads to each prospective customer. By this you would have the proper targeting audience with more precise targeting.

8) Reliance on text based marketing strategy

User inclination to multimedia has increased demand for video, audio and images with a complete text based strategy falling short to consumer requirements.

Rather than mere optimization of text, creating search friendly video, audio and image files shall help aid online marketing strategy superiority.

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