Online Reputation Management: A Proactive Guide to Build Your Digital Presence


Jaydip Parikh is the founder of Tej SolPro, an Inbound Marketing Company based in India. Jaydip has more than 15 years of experience in the field of sales and digital marketing. He has taken lectures on various topics of digital marketing at numerous renowned institutes. He regularly speaks at various conferences and events, both online and offline. He is known as Jaydip Baba in the digital marketing industry. You can follow him @jaydipparikh or connect with him on Facebook.


  1. It is really an informative article. I loved reading it specially the point no. 1 Thank you so much for sharing. Keep the good work up.
  2. Great article... Digital marketing is very important for making reputation for any business. Social media is play very important role for promoting business and making brand reputation. From this article you give us good tips for digital marketing strategies. Thank you for sharing this nice article.

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