Perfect recipe for "Kevi Rite Jaish" Social Media Marketing

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2017)

During May when we start working with team Kevi Rite Jaish for Social Media Marketing as Official Social Media Marketing Company, we feel thrill that It is going to be wonderful journey for promoting movie on Social Media. Now we are feeling that Yes we did Good job and few of our friends complimented that we really did great job.

Social-Media-RecipeSo what is the great thing we did for Marketing movie on Social Media ? Well actually in one word I can say It was a Focus approach

Before talking in detail about Social Media Marketing, I want to clarify that, Social Media can Create Buzz, Spread awareness, Help you to reach to targeted audience and up to some extent get footfalls to movie but If you think Social Media can make Houseful movie for 4-5 weeks then you are wrong, that credit goes to Director and his team. Thinking that does this movie runs for 4-5 weeks houseful, yes It was. This is fifth successful is going on.

So what make us huge Success on Social Media too apart from Best Gujarati Movie ? For making successful campaign we focused on following four things.


Well ! If you think that Content is only text then you are wrong, here content is Text, Image, Video, Links etc. If you talk about SEO, Print Advt or Social Media Marketing. Being a Digital Marketing Firm we know that we have to focus on Content very much.

Kevi Rite Jaish Social Media MarketingFor content we used to have major focus on the things which is related to Gujarat / Gujarati(s) as Kevi Rite Jaish is urban class Gujarati movie.

Like we shared one image which is having text about Khakhara & Thepala. Mummy na haath na Khakhara & Thepla are better then Burger and Pizza which means Food (Khakhara & Thepla) made by mom is far better and delicious compare to Burger & Pizza. Those who dont know about Khakhara & Thepala should check other Gujarati Cuisine too.

Our content was made in such a way that it will appeal to every fan of Fanpage. Thats help us to have best engagement with them as well as some post goes Viral too.


Digital Marketing and specially Social Media is the game of Timing. If you want to win game you must have Creative Stuff + Sharp Sense of Humor + Perfect timing to share it. Due to ourperfecttimingplacement we had given4 Digit growth via Facebook to our E-Commerce client.I would like to tell that Creativity helps us a lot when its for content or timing.

Bhai haave Wankhede stadium Kevi Rite JaishLike we share a image which says Bhai haave Wankhede stadium Kevi Rite Jaish when Shahrukhkhan had little controversy with Wankhede security person. This kind of creative sparks you should have when you are promoting movie over Social Media.

One more thing we did in time and which was extremely challenging was update fan page during Big Cinema Awards night. The team of Kevi Rite Jaish was at award night and keep me updated about what is happening there as well as which award Kevi Rite Jaish is winning. Once I got update need to create appropriate images and upload to fanpage, that few hours was so crazy but so productive too.

The perfect timing thing help us to reach close to our fans and that might be one of the reason our campaign was so successful.

User Engagement

Gujarati KFCUser Engagement is key roll for any Social Media campaign. There are many myth about Facebook Fanpage, specially for number of fans. I strongly recommend that engagement should be TOP priority not number of fans.

If you happen to see Fanpage, one thing you must noticed that none of the update is not having comments or likes. That means our fans are reading almost everything we are updating on fanpage. I still recall that on one status update we got 100+ likes just in 7 min.

One more best compliment we got whenever we shared Show Timings over Fanpage. As this Gujarati movie was showing over various Multiplex of Ahmedabad, few of Mumbai and other part of Gujarat. Kevi Rite Jaish Team was updating fanpage with proper show times on regular interval, this efforts also help us to keep better User Engagement.

Targeted Audience

From day one we were knowing that we want to reach out to Gujaratis across the globe. We develop proper content which was around movie or around Gujaratism and post at right time. This create great buzz and we are able to reach to right audience. Apart from Facebook we are also gain more video views on YouTube.

We have Passion for wining awards for Kevi Rite Jaish

Team Kevi Rite Jaish – From Left Anish Shah, Abhishek Jain, Aishwarya Majmudar, vishvesh parmar

I strongly believe you must know about your targeted audience when you are managing any online campaigns. Being a Gujarati, I was able to convey Gujaratism in better manner. We also keep communicating various movie dialogues which are gone viral, specially Jusso (you need watch movie in order to understand about Jusso). Once movie released we used to post many images which talks about some movie dialogues that help us to connect with our Target Audience.

Well in a nutshell It was amazing experience for promoting Kevi Rite Jaish as Social Media Partner. Let me remind you again, Social Media can not make movie Super Duper HIT, the movie should be strong enough to go on its on. But the movie is strong then Social Media sure help to gain more eye balls, Visitors, Talking people, Online presence etc.

We would like to here your feedback as well on over all experience, as well as if you are looking for Social Media Training at Ahmedabad then contact us on DIIM.

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