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A few days back I was seating with one of my friends and we were discussing Social Media Marketing, He asked me how many Fans I do have on the Tej SolPro fan page and my reply was nearly 60. Then he said being an Internet Marketing Company, if you cant get more fans for your own fan page then how you will help clients to get it. That makes me think for few seconds and I started feeling that should I buy fans? Does buying fans will help me? Etc.

Ethically, I was don’t want to go in the mode of buying fans or any other activity which will give me non-target fans. But after thinking on it and researching on it, I got the conclusion that not only Ethical ground but also on Technical (Social Media Marketing point of view) ground to we should not jump in to buy fans or any other method which will give us non target fans.

Any Ethical Social Media Consultant will advise you not to buy fans or any other method to increase Fans by Gray Hat/Black Hat methods. If any company advises the same then just make sure your brand should not go into the wrong hands.

Why you should not buy Facebook Fans?

Reduce Engagement

When you buy fans randomly or even target people, they are not the people who like your Brand or your activity and be your fan. This is will create BIG negative when you start doing Customer Engagement. Fans who actually not knowing about your company or brand or product or services; how they will take active part in your conversation or customer engagement?

Wrong Fans will lead company to misdirection sometimes. Lets say you want to have some feedback from your Fans about your Product or Services, but if they are not knowing about your company then how they can give honest opinion. If your company wants to take any action based on this Fanpage Feedback then It might get failure too. So make sure about Target Fans before jump in to Buy fans.

Wrong Targeting

In Facebook numbers of Fans are not important; the important factor is how the best you target them and how effectively they are engage with your Brand. Target of Fans should be Age wise, Gender wise, Geo Location Wise, Interest wise and lot more other reason.

Check the following Image which is Tej SolPros Fanpage insight.

This image shows that 44% of my Fans are between 25-34 age group and they are Males. For Internet Marketing Company this should be perfect target age/Gender Group, so it give me insight that Tej SolPros Fanpage is moving in right direction.

Now check demographic details of one of our Client.

This image is showing that 64% (37 + 27) of total fans are Female between 18 to 34 age group. As our client is focusing on, Woman Related product and that product fit between this age group. This gives us and our client confidence that we are on right path and our Customer Engagement process with works fine as well as gives us better result.

Reduce Performance

When you not having target fans all your activity will not have better communication as for many fans (who are purchased) it might be unwanted activity. Eventually this will reduce performance of your Customer Engagement activity.

Check following Images and you will come to know how effectively we should act in order to gain more performance.

FYI : Both the Fanpage is having nearly same Fans and We dont want to disclose Identity of Second fanpage.

I guess now you are pretty much clear about why you should not buy Fans and how you can increase customer engagement getting Better Social Media result. By the way you must had read our previous articles about How to Migrate Facebook Profile login to Facebook Fanpage and How to find Best SEO Company, If you yet not read that then you should read that too.

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