PPC - Pay Per Click Management & Advertising Service


“The best place to hide a dead body is the Page 2 of Google Search results”

True indeed!

Internet Marketing today is like a fierce bull competition. Either be smart enough to win the bull or die. In this chaos of winning, PPC (pay per click) comes as a saviour for every marketer. It is nothing but a paid internet marketing tool that can give immediate targeted results against SEO that gives organic results but over a period of time.

As internet marketing is becoming more complex, companies are turning to expert PPC management agencies. PPC will not only generate a huge traffic in a short span of time but it will also make the traffic is relevant. It is one of the most effective marketing tools to justify your ROI. We at Tej SolPro, an expert in PPC management services & Google Adwords Specialist, can help you with your business website and drive incredible traffic and results.


Our PPC services

Search ads

Make your website easily searchable on Google & other search engines by using the correct keywords. PPC companies can help you define the correct keywords for your business getting you more clicks for every penny you spend.

Display ads

Google lets you display your ads on multiple websites and reach the potential set of customers. How a PPC company can help you here? Hiring awords experts or PPC professionals for Paid Promotions can exactly tell you how your ad should look like and where exactly on Internet shall it be placed giving you an effective ROI

Shopping ads

If you are a retailer, shopping campaigns are your ultimate rescuer. It can help you promote your inventory, boost traffic and in return generate sales. How is a shopping ad different from a display ad? A shopping ad is much more than just an image ad – it lets you add product info like price, store name etc along with the product info letting the user quickly define its next action.


This is much like “following everywhere your visitors go”. Reminding them of the products they were interested in, once when they visited your website, can help convert the lead positively. Google remarketing ads targets these visitors as they browse other websites. Setting up and optimizing this in an efficient manner is where PPC professionals and Google Adwords Management company excel.

Why hire a PPC company?

Instant Visibility

PPC can give instant visibility and traffic to your website. From the time taking organic SEO, it has now become just a matter of hours before you see the analytics graph rising.


Your every campaign, every step is measurable. There are a lot of options available that can help you measure your website's performance and decide future strategies accordingly.

Increase Sales

Getting traffic is one thing, but converting them to a sale is the ultimate destination. Optimizing PPC campaigns can make this possible too. Who knows you might just cross your competitor as well!

Now that we have convinced you to hire an expert PPC agency, it is time for us to tell you why Tej SolPro. We have a dedicated experienced team of PPC professionals who with their expertise can give you desired results.

P.S. This is because we love announcing it proudly to everyone, “We are a recognized Google partner since 2015” This happened because Tej SolPro has always strived to offer the best services to their clients trustworthily & transparently.