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Tej SolPro: PPC Expert in Ahmedabad

You might not have heard about PPC and its effect on the digital marketing of your business. You want your business to reach on top and have decided to spend an ex-amount of the budget for that. But, you do not know where to start and how to start. Then you have come to the right place. Tej SolPro, the PPC expert in Ahmedabad has a solution for all your confusions. In order to spread your business and get more clients, the website of your business needs visibility and you need to be on the top notch list. For this to happen PPC is very important. PPC is basically a paid marketing tool. We as a PPC company in Ahmedabad can help you with the paid marketing of your business website and get you more traffic and visits. We can help you spread the wings of your business.

What is PPC ?

The full form of PPC is Pay Per Click. Here the advertiser has to pay each time someone clicks their ad is clicked by someone. PPC or Pay Per Click is also known as CPC or cost per click. It helps in directing traffics to your website and increasing your search volume. The Pay Per Click or PPC is mainly associated with two important search engines

  • Google Adwords
  • Microsoft Bing Ads


How does Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing ad work ?

The business personnel can buy listings in their search results from Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing. These listings appear above the non-paid organic search traffic. Every time someone clicks on the listing of the business personals website, the person has to pay a certain amount of predefined money to the website. The business personnel can buy these add listings via auction. He has to bid to get these add listings. The more you bid, the better chance you have to increase the visibility of your business and products.

For example, if someone clicks on your ad listing, he or she will land on your web page. You will have to pay the amount you bid per click to the web engine. If you bid 0.50$ per click, then you will have to pay that amount per click to the web engine or to the owner of the website.

The Importance of PPC in Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click is very important for digital marketing. It is simple, fast and nimble. PPC marketing can help you get traffic instantly. If people searching for the PPC-Company-Ahmedabadparticular keyword that you have bid for and if you have a timely and well placed and well-written ad then you will get the traffic instantly. With PPC the traffic can be generated within a few minutes. The organic search engine traffic and other search engines may take weeks or months to generate a certain amount of traffic. This traffic can be generated within days by paid marketing and PPC. Performing paid marketing is also a game of bargain. Sometimes you may get a particular micro niche keyword that you are looking for at a great price and this will be very helpful in your business. PPC can generate highly targeted traffic. The cost involved in this is a minor fraction as compared to other forms of paid marketing.

Role Played by Pay Per Click Advertising in Business Development

It is but obvious that the businesses should not only rely on PPC advertising. But, PPC advertising plays many important roles in the development of a business. This important role leads your business to be on the top and helps bring more customers to your business. The different roles played by PPC for your business development are as follows:

  • Direct response business
  • Campaign based marketing
  • Product listings
  • Re-marketing
  • Niche terms

Direct Response Business

When the customer clicks on your advertising link PPC advertising directly lends the customer on your website. If you have an interesting offer on your website or if you are selling an important and interesting product of your company on your website, then people will purchase those products immediately. This will give direct business to your company. Each click on your web page is a potential customer. So it is worth spending money for PPC and staying on top of the business fraternity

Campaign Based Marketing

If you have a short-term campaign based on a particular product, then PPC can be easily generated within 24- 48 hours. PPC advertising is the most perfect for short term campaigns as compared to long and infinite campaigns that run for a long time.

Product Listings

Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing also offer another type of ads called Product Listing ads. If you are selling various types of cataloged products on your site the product listing ads work wonders for you. These ads highlight the product including the cataloged product image and helps in the marketing of that particular product. It wonderfully attracts a lot of customers who are looking for that particular product which you are selling.


Google AdWords helps you create the audience group of those people who have visited your site, but, have not purchased anything. You can prepare particular tailored ads, including videos for such customers. This will lead these customers to come back to your site and purchase your products.

Niche Terms

You can also perform a target niche marketing by generating traffic for a highly specific keyword. PPC can also provide a good bargain for long-term phrases. For e.g. instead of just sarees, you can target keyword phrase like women’s red and golden saree. This long- tail phrases will be less expensive and give you a good bargain

What can Tej SolPro do for You?

Tej SolPro the PPC Company in Ahmedabad provides one of the best PPC services in India. Tej SolPro builds connections with the relevant sites and then bids for the advertisement slot. Tej SolPro tries to place a cheap bid for the advertisement on that particular site.