How To Use B2B SEO To Generate High-Quality Leads

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B2B SEO Strategy To Generate Leads

With changing times, several businesses are finding it difficult to generate quality B2B leads through SEO. The reason behind this is nothing but the cut-throat competition that is going around making it extremely difficult to generate B2B leads through content. 

Due to this, most businesses are finding it next to impossible to find that apt SEO strategy for generating leads. To encounter this issue there is a great solution that is none other than the B2B SEO. With this, you’ll be able to make your place in the organized jungle of SEO. 

One thing that plays the most important role in SEO is – Organic search. They have the capability to provide targeted traffic continuously. But with time, it has become extremely difficult to build an organic search presence.

Well, several factors impact the organic search presence. These factors consist of the higher competition in the field and Google’s growing unwillingness to send clicks elsewhere. 

With this, it has become quite evident that you’re not the only one whose suffering through lesser Google traffic on your website. Here is the B2B SEO strategy to generate leads and also to improve your Google rankings which will solve all your issues.

B2B SEO Strategy To Generate Leads

Keyword Research

No matter if you have a new website or you’re updating the old one, one thing that holds utter importance is nothing, but keyword research. So, make sure to have keyword research as a foundation of your B2B SEO strategy. All you’ll need to know is the way keywords are evolving and also affecting your lead generation process.

To come up with good and apt keywords, you can make use of several online tools. Other than that you can also start initiating some brainstorming sessions with your employees, and put down some terms that are used by your customers while talking about your product. 

You can also try reaching out to your customers and observe the way they talk about a specific topic or issue. Try using Google Autocomplete, It will pop up some important words related to your business. All you have to do is see those results and note them down. It will be extremely helpful in expanding the keyword ideas. Try monitoring forums and discussion boards that hold importance for your business. 

Apart from this, one can opt for several professional keyword search tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. These keyword research tools might be a bit expensive, but they’ll be very helpful in identifying keywords that you can use for your SEO strategy.

Keyword Intent

Before initiating keyword research, it is essential to understand the intention behind every research. Suppose you’re searching for “SEO Tips”, the first thing you’ll see is the intent of people who are searching for the same keyword.

If the results showcased are mostly the commonly informational pieces or how-to guides, then this thing will let you know the people’s intent who looked for it to learn more information about the said topic.

If you look further into this, you may find people searching for your sample keyword like “red chinos” for products for sale. This particular thing will help you in knowing that the searcher’s intent is commercial. 

Being a digital entrepreneur, you must have an idea and understanding of your overall B2B SEO strategy. Once you understand your keyword intent, it will be easier to plan your content. 

Keyword Prioritization

Once you’re done with keyword research, you’ll have a long list of keywords that are apt and related to your business. Now, it is essential to rank those items according to their importance. You’ll have to decide as to which of them to be prioritized when compared to others. 

Now, we’ll tell you about prioritizing your keywords. The two ways of prioritizing keywords are: Search volume and Difficulty. A keyword with a higher volume means that a lot of websites are targeting that keyword.

Suppose you pick this keyword for your content, there are hardly any chances of you appearing on the first page of search results. To avoid such a situation, you must pick some other less-competitive keywords.

Content Creation & Updation

If you want your B2B SEO strategy to work then alone finding the perfect keyword would not yield the expected results. 

For that, you need to create content of higher quality and make sure that your content is unique when compared to your competitors. 

Here, we bring you some tips on ways to high-quality content. First of all, before you start writing your content, ensure to take the opinions of the industry players and also quote them in your content. 

Always use relevant information and data as people will only read your content if it has correct information. To make your content worthy enough to read, you must take interviews of well-known people from the industry and create a piece about the interview. 

Don’t ever forget to double-check spellings and grammar before publishing your content. Even a small grammatical mistake in your content could lead your readers to leave your page and move to your competitors.

Content Updation

Once you have started publishing your content, you’ll see that some of your content drives greater traffic when compared to other content. Readers who visit your website are not yet ready to become your customers. Such type of content is apt for generating leads.  

Make sure to keep your focus on things such as:

  • Try to build a relationship with your readers
  • Make sure to gain their attention and trust
  • Make efforts to drive occasional visitors to subscribe to your email list.
  • To convert your readers into leads, you should produce additional content that builds on the topics that are discussed in your most loved or popular blogs. 
  • You can also provide your most loved content or topic in the form of downloadable checklists, whitepaper, or specifications. The goal of these downloadable upgrades is again to get their emails.
  • The main goal here is to get all the visitors to share their email address with you to start building a relationship.

Now that more companies are shifting their focus to account-based marketing (ABM), B2B marketers must also adjust their approach towards producing these assets. While talking about ABM marketers, their approach is much smaller but has a higher value group of target accounts. Due to this, they’ll have to spend longer to understand the needs of the people behind each account and produce highly personalized content assets.

At this point in time, all the companies try their best to nurture their leads by sending them highly targeted email campaigns that look forward to educating and engaging before asking for a sale.

Well, email is not the only channel where such campaigns might work. Several companies have started experimenting with removing all lead forms, making their content freely accessible. They generally make use of chatbots and analytics to find their most committed readers and turn them into leads.


It has been seen that SEO is constantly hovered by questions as if it will work for your B2B business or not. Well, it might work, if you opt for a B2B SEO that will be extremely effective in bringing you much-desired leads. 

All you need to do is give some of your valuable time into researching keywords. Once you’ve done that, you’ll now have to create high-quality content that adds value to your target audience. 

In this age when there is so much information for people to consume, they will only like and read yours when it helps them, is relevant to them, and is up to date. When they see you as a firm that will add some of the other value to their business, they will undoubtedly become leads.

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