How Tej SolPro helped DataZapp to increase their lead by 570%

data zapp case study

DataZaap inreased their lead by 570% with the help of Tej SolPro

DataZapp is a house of data. A data driven marketing fuel that offers mailing lists, opt-in email marketing, data append services and many other kind of data services. It is a huge warehouse of data of over 1 billion consumer & business records.

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DataZapp is the perfect go-to place for all the data needs of a consumer. But to purchase data from them, people had to know about them first. That was the main struggle faced by the company. They were doing great when offline, with a scope of improvement on the internet.

Pile of worthful data was treasured but it was getting difficult to connect with the correct people. Tej SolPro stepped in here, 3 years back, to help DataZapp bridge the gap between them and their consumers.


During the pre-analysing stage, we learnt about the missing flow of traffic on the website. There was an enormous search for the relevant keywords, but however the company’s website wasn’t ranking on those keywords for the right consumers to find them.

Not only that, we also encountered one more problem. The website needed a revamp. It had loads of data but not probably organised for niche searches. For example, if one searched for “Car Dealers in Tennessee”, DataZapp had data available for this but not in order to be provided to the consumer directly.

In order to solve this, Tej SolPro worked on solving the Local SEO issues and created a number of relevant pages based on city and SIC codes. The website now has 37000 significant pages for the Google Spider to crawl on with an excellent search visibility.

Now, there was traffic, but we wanted the users to spend more time on the website. For this, the content was optimized, inquiry forms were placed at the correct places to give the viewers an action to perform.

Other than this, rich snippet was also added to their website in order to show their high ratings to their viewers. This led to a stronger trust within the consumers.

And the results you know!


All the above activities reaped us sweet results with traffic getting almost doubled and our major keywords ranking in the TOP 5! Woah!

150% Organic traffic
570% Organic inquiries

Other Results

Over the past 1 year, these are the numbers we have for you:

  • The Overall traffic went up by 89.04% & Organic traffic by almost 150%
  • Inquires increased by 220% while Organic inquires went up by 570%
  • The Dwell time increased too from 3 minutes to 7.07 minutes (almost 112%) & Organic Conversion rate increased by 75%

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