WWW Day in Ahmedabad

We all know what World Wide Web is – yes the Internet which we are very fond of.

From posting selfies to Instagramming the food we eat, we like to let the whole world know what we are up to. Everybody is doing it, so are we! There are a plethora of social platforms and we manage to exist on all. It’s not just about that; internet gave us the power to multitask with utter ease on our fingertips. But does World Wide Web have any significance when we talk about Women-On-Web?

This weekend, August 1, on International World Wide Web Day, for the very first time the city of Ahmedabad celebrates the day and how!

An all-women event where the esteemed speakers will talk about the possibilities and opportunities for Women on Internet is organized and our CEO (Chief Everything Officer) Jaydip Parikh will be one on the speakers.


Jaydip Parikh, lovingly known as Jaydip Baba will talk about ‘Ecommerce Era for Women to Grow’ and give valuable insights on the available opportunities for women on the web.

Most of the times, women fail to materialize their dreams because they lack information and knowledge of the available avenues where they can leverage their skills and make a living out it.

This event will help such women know how they can go about harnessing E-Commerce and making a mark on the World Wide Web. From Basic training of how-to start using e-commerce to promoting the business, Jaydip Baba will address the participants and give his insights on the aforesaid subject.

Other prominent speakers on the event are:

1b729be[1]Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza, Head, Marketing Area Chairperson, Online Programs Associate Professor Marketing Area at MICA – The School of Ideas. She will be starting off the event by introducing the wonderful realm of web called the Internet. She will throw light on the usage of internet, mobile web and apps.

32a877b[1]Vaibhavi Desai, Google Business Group (GBG) Ahmedabad Women’s Group City Leader and Google Student Ambassador Ahmedabad.  She will be speaking of and on behalf of the GBG Women Ahmedabad Community, the know-how’s of Google products and the growing Blogging and Vlogging (Video Blogging) community and how to monetize it.

Since it is an all women event (except for our beloved speaker Mr. Jaydip Parikh), women/girls/femal professionals of all kinds, race and culture are invited. And there is no registration fee!

Warning- The sessions will not be like a boring lecture, so please carry your fun side along with you. Expect surprises too!

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