10 things will change after Google Plus

We all know that Google Plus is rapidly spreading and might cross more than 400Ml users by end of the 2012. This is one more thing you should notice apart from 2012 Search Engine Trends. Those not familiar with the features and capacities of Google Plus, hurry to characterize it as a Facebook rip off with nothing new or innovative to show. But, this is entirely wrong. Whilst, been based on other social medias functions and philosophy, this one has some fresh concepts that other social media wished to have thought of themselves!

How we Direct(ly) Connect

This will be a game changer, given it catches on. All Google Plus pages are searchable through Google, all you need to do is put a + before any search inquiry and you are directly taken to their Google Plus page. An exciting concept for businesses and those seeking more exposure from Google search results.


How we Hangout

Video Group Chats can be video clipped through Hangout and the more you are, the funnier. This can be used on Google Android phones too, given they have a front-facing camera.

Google Sparks

A way to highlight and be in touch with the things you find interesting and useful. Here your interests are categorized and each time you want to know more on whats new with canoeing for instance, search related results will be waiting for you to browse through them.

In addition, similarly minded people will be there to talk about the same thing that excites you.

How we go round in Circles

Easily manageable way of grouping your Google Plus friends through drag and drop. This feature allows you posting things for whichever circle you wish, without the others knowing.

Automatic Photo Uploading

No more un-uploaded photos lingering on our iPhone. Google Plus has an instant uploading feature; the moment a photo is taken, it is automatically uploaded into a private Google Plus album for later use. With a simple click, your photo is shared, so no more cables and USB sticks for uploading things.

Don’t forgot to check this Video talking about Auto Photo uploading Pics.

Post-publish editor

I shouldnt have said that, nobody realized it was sarcastic. Worry no more, Google Plus allows you to edit posts, comments or entirely turn them off, without destroying the whole post chain it was in. A useful feature for all those alcohol-induced posts.

Hash tags and Real-Time search results

No longer being the exclusive privilege of Twitter users, Google Plus has an integrated search function for showing theme-defined results in real time.

Running Time of Specific Updates

Your real-time stream can be what you want it to be. If you want to know what your colleagues have been up to, you can see just that, simply be clicking to view their stream. So, no disruptions and irrelevant updates any more. This feature gives you more control.

G+ Social Sharing

Unlike other click buttons, the Google Plus click button, apart from sharing a link to your Google+ Page, it potentially influences search results in Google too.

ALL in one

For those using some Google services (who doesnt uses Google search?) Google Plus is a web haven, where fun and work are smoothly combined. You have access to mail, searches, your calendar and friends in one single space, something no other social media has managed to do so far.

After reading this you start feeling planning Social Media Marketing for your company then dont forgot to contact us. Being Google is a game changer, on its own right. With slow but steady steps, Google+ is marching towards with optimism. It will not conquer the world overnight, but the potential is already there.

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