TejSolPro as Evangelist for TechSparks Grand Finale 2013 by YourStory

About TechSparks

Yourstory.in took the first step to start TechSpark. TechSpark is India’s biggest digital media platform for startups, entrepreneurs and small business groups. The aim behind starting TechSpark was to bridge the gap between the potential technology based companies in India and the opportunities this company should get to grow in their particular business field. And this is done by bringing together the entire business and technology world. This involves bringing together investors, experienced entrepreneurs, developers, corporate and heads of different big companies and the media under the same roof. By bringing together the entire business fraternity of India the idea was to help development of small scale businesses and provide them the opportunity to grow big.

TechSparks 2013 YourStoryYourstory started this kind of meet ups which were very successful in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and now it is back with its TechSparks 2013 event on a much bigger and grand scale. In 2012 TejSolpro, acted as the partner for TechSparks in their online marketing, as the social media partner.

This year TejSolPro has acted as an Evangelist for TechSparks 2013 event. Evangelist is the word used for a person or an organization who brings a critical mass of support for a given technology. TejSolPro has had a great contribution in bringing support to the Yourstory.in idea of TechSpark and has brought a huge mass of followers to this kind of meet up in the Western front of India. Every year Yourstory hosts this event and works very hard to bring to the eyes of the Indian business world some of the most promising business startups that have happened during the entire year and gives them a chance to show their new technology startup and product to the business fraternity of India.

Speakers at TechSparks 2013

  • Shailendra Singh (Managing Director, Sequoia Capital India)
  • Bethany Coates (Assistant Dean, Global Innovation Programs, Stanford Graduate School of Business)
  • Gerard J. Tellis (Director of the Global Innovation Center, University of Southern California)
  • Srikanth Karnakota (Country Head for Server and Cloud Business, Microsoft India)
  • Kavin Bharti Mittal (Head of Strategy/New Product Development, Bharti SoftBank)
  • Rajiv Sodhi (Vice President & Managing Director, Go Daddy India)
  • Pallav Nadhani (Co-founder and CEO, FusionCharts)
  • Pravin Srinivasan (Sales, Business Manager, Cisco)
  • Shradha Sharma (Founder and CEO, YourStory Media)

So, hurry if you want to meet the next big entrepreneur of India and if you want to know about his tech development. TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale is the place where you would like to be.

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[schema type=”event” evtype=”Event” url=”http://techsparks2013.yourstory.in” name=”TechSparks 2013 by YourStory” description=”TechSparks™, an initiative undertaken by YourStory.in, India’s biggest digital media platform for startups, entrepreneurs and SMBs, is aimed at bridging the gap between the potential of product technology companies in India and the opportunities for them to scale, by bringing together the entire technology ecosystem – which involves investors, experienced entrepreneurs, developers, corporates and the media under a single roof. TechSparks™ 2013 is supported by Sequoia Capital, Microsoft, Cisco, Verisign and Godaddy. ” sdate=”2013-10-05″ stime=”08:00 am” edate=”2013-10-05″ duration=”18:00″ street=”ITC Gardenia,” city=”Bangalore” country=”IN” ]

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