Jaydip Parikh (CEO, Tej SolPro), speaking at #UNICEFBLOGGERSCONNECT Workshop

The year has just begun and so has exciting opportunities!

The world is constantly pacing forward without realising that people must catch up. Almost every alternate day, people eagerly visit workshops and seminars to gain knowledge and add the learning to their professional life.

It is obviously a great way to escalate your know-how and boost your potential.

However, have you ever thought of contributing to the society? We do. But we fail to do as we lack time and resources.

You must be wondering about how to contribute by attending a workshop or seminar. That’s right – when the workshop is by UNICEF which talks about providing for the society in whatever way we can.

UNICEF is holding a 2-day workshop and calling on bloggers in Gujarat to join and contribute by way of ideas as to how child rights issues could be dealt in the local level.


This workshop will be held on 21st and 22nd January, 2016 at Ahmedabad.

UNICEF Gujarat is diligently working on various social issues and constantly collecting resources and contributing towards them. This workshop is one such effort to bring few of the causes to light.
The good news is that it is open for all to attend.

The awesome news is that you get to attend an expert session by Jaydip Parikh (Chief Everything Officer of Tej SolPro, Blogger and Social Media Evangelist) who will be talking about “How Social Bloggers can improve their reach via Digital Marketing”!

He is an active speaker at various events; Women-On-Web Ahmedabad, Local SEO GBG, etc to name a few.

Having said that, the 2-day workshop will also focus on the areas in which UNICEF Gujarat works; thus giving the bloggers a clearer picture about the issues and creating an opportunity to blog about them.

Child rights have long been neglected and it is our responsibility to speak up about it now!

If you cannot make it to the workshop, you could follow the hashtag #UNICEFBloggersConnect on Twitter and get updates about the workshop.

If you’re one of those who hosts events from time to time, you would definitely need to promote it online. You can check it here how to promote your event on social media.

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