Can Social Media and Politics go Hand in hand at India? Checkout Stats

Social media is booming the internet and world nowadays, no matter what business you have no matter in what profession you are you have to make use of social media if you want your business or yourself successed over the

Can Social Media and Politics go Hand to hand in India

internet, as we mentioned in our last article “Social Media is going to be Success Mantra for all online businesses at India

Even lots of Indian politics parties like BJP, Congress are widely using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangout and youtube for their party promotion activities,

So today we are going to talk about Twitter, in blog post we will see which politicians are using Twitter and which of them got a huge response and for which update.

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So these are the numbers and stats of politicians who got the highest response on twitter, now lets see for which statement these of top 5 politicians got a huge response.

Social Media in Politics India

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Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi’s tweet about “Sabar Jeet’s” Death and his statement about Congress created lots of buzz around twitter

The statement “Going by the incidents of the past one month, we can understand how much damage a weak government can do,” Modi said.”


Manmohan Singh

PM Manmohan Singh’s Meeting with Chinese Premier to resolve Chinese forces interfering into Indian Territory and his statement about Naxal Attacks in Chattisgarh was the most discussed topics over the Twitter.

Sonia Gandhi

During her visit to the Rajpur with PM she spoke about Naxal strikes being an attack on democracy, this has created a lot of buzz on Twitter

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul’s speech about Killings of Congress leaders in Naxal Attacks at Chattisgarh has driven lots of negative conversations over Twitter

LK Advani

Advani’s comment on supporting Nitin Gadkari and conversations about becoming the Prime Minister of India gave him the 5th number of Twitter’s top 5 politicians.

During April, 2009, I met Mr. Narendra Modi first time and at that time he was ready to adopt Social Media Marketing as political strategy, after this many years he is still ruling Social Media world as politician.

What do you think that can Social Media will play game changer role in coming 2014 elections ?

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  1. Harnoor Kaur on January 5, 2018 at 5:59 pm

    Social media is all about getting the maximum reach, within less expense and less time. Politics is all about gaining a lot of votes, influencing people and maintaining reputation. And it can be done very well by social media as a medium.

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