9 Event Promotions Ideas to promote your Event via Social Media


The entire world, now, is social. You cannot afford to skip any particular group or age. Thinking that the kids would be in the playground and grandmas would be knitting, could be a complete mistake. If you are planning an event, plan the promotional strategies way ahead. The world is too restless and promoting on just one platform will not give optimum results.

We enlist 9 basic pre-requisites to successfully boost your event and make it a success.

Social media for event promotion

Dedicate a hashtag

The digital space no longer uses just words to communicate. They use ‘hashtags’ to communicate about specific things. Be it any event, movies or death of a certain someone, the entire social media will talk about it using hashtags dedicated to that particular topic of discussion.

Hence, choosing a hashtag which reflects and resonates with the idea of your event is quite important.

Use it extensively!

Having a hashtag for your event isn’t enough; you need to let the world know that the entire discussion about the event is happening at one place- the hashtag. Every post or tweet must include the hashtag, so much so that, people would themselves use the hashtag to talk about it and spread the world.

Don’t leave things to the last hour

Leaving things to the last minute is never advisable for any event. When you plan your event, be aware that things might not work as per the schedule which is why having buffer time between all major posts/announcements should be maintained. It’s always advisable to have spare time than to panic and make undoable mistakes.

Increase your outreach

The farther your message reaches, the higher are your chances are to get maximum attendees to the event. Most of the time, events don’t witness enough crowd because people aren’t aware of it in the first place.

Identify your promoters

You cannot single-handedly reach everybody within a given time- you need your army. Social media influencers and promoters are your strongest weapons here. You must identify who are your best promoters who can carry your messages and spread it across in their networks as well. Social media influencers, with a strong network of their own, can also be of great help given that you know the right ones.

Ask your speakers to promote

Let the speakers speak or themselves. Even if it is a short video about what they are going to speak about at the event will be enough to entice your target audience and make them interested. If not, the head shots of the speakers with few of their thoughts converted into a picture could be spread easily too.

Make it engaging

Make it as engaging as possible. Just posting on various social media platforms will not help at all. You have to constantly interact with your target audience and let them know of your event’s existence. The content should be visually stimulating so that more people could relate to it and share it further. Remember, the more people relate to the content, the more turn up at the event!

Use all networks

Just Twitter or Facebook won’t suffice. Various groups are found on different platforms and hence you wouldn’t want to miss anybody out there. Spread your message across as widely as possible.


Be grateful. People who engaged the shared most for you on the social platforms need, if not anything else, some appreciation. Follow them back. Let them know that they are appreciated. Click pictures with the active participants and post them on your page or use them during the event itself. Great way to let them know you’re thankful!

There are a lot of things which can be done on social media to help you promote your event better and with optimum impact. Proper research before you start of and knowing the right set of people could give additional benefits!

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