One Tweet / Facebook post can send you Jail in India, Here are few cases

Popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the best way to stay connected with your near and dear ones, its easy way to say in touch and getting day by day updates of your friends and family. Till now as Digital Marketing Agency we use to write on Facebook Fan Myth or Image Optimization but this is something we must talk about.

But nowadays when you hear Social Media, Facebook, Twitter what comes to your mind? Jail, Arrest? Yea that’s what people will soon think before updating status over Facebook or Twitter.

Recently you may have seen some cases people being arrested for updating Facebook Status or commenting and liking that particular status or for tweeting.

List of people who got arrested due to Facebook / Tweeter updates.

Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi

Early in 2011 Aseem Trivedi joined Anna Hazare for corruption movement “India Against Corruption” and started cartoon based campaign. He was supporting anti corruption campaign by creating cartoons, he launched website on which he was uploading all his anti corruption cartoons. He also displayed his cartoons in the MMRDA ground, Mumbai during hunger strike of Anna Hazare.


On 27 December 2011 was suspended by Mumbai Crime Branch he received email from his hosting company “BigRock” message was saying, “We have received a complaint from Crime Branch, Mumbai against domain name ‘’ for displaying objectionable pictures and texts related to flag and emblem of India. Hence we have suspended the domain name and its associated services”

After getting ban on website he kept supporting Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement. Later on he kept creating controversial cartoon which sent him to jail

He was arrested in Mumbai on 9-September-2012 for a cartoon which shows the National Emblem with wolves instead of lions this cartoon was gone viral on social networking sites.

Mayank Mohan Sharma and KVJ Rao – Air India cabin crew members:

Mayank Mohan Sharma and KVJ Rao who was a cabin crew member s of Air India have posted offensive jokes about politicians and have made insulting comments against Prime Minister of India they also have insulted the national flag on their Facebook posts.

They were sent to the jail for 12 days under 66(A) and 67 sections of the Information Technology Act and also were terminated by their employer, Air India.

Shaheen Dhadha & Renu Srinivas:

Bal Thackeray, leader and founder of Shiv Sena died on 17 November 2012, whole Mumbai was shuttled down for one day in respect,

21 Year old Shaheen Dhadha arrested for posting People like Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a bandh for that,” on her Facebook Wall and Renu Srinivas arrested for Liking and comment on status.

At last Shaheen Dhadha withdrewed her comment and apologized to 2,000 Shiv Sena workers.

We all know what the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Kapil Sibbal has said that “if anybody commits a criminal act by misusing technology, then he should be punished”

Ravi Srinivasan

46 years old Ravi Srinivasan who runs packaging business in Pondicherry was arrested for posting tweet saying Karti Chidambaram (son of finance minister P. Chidambaram) “got reports that karthick chidambaram has amassed more wealth than vadra.”

Palghar Teenager detained for Facebook post

With this much mess one more arrest happen at Palghar, Maharastra. Based on NDTV News a teenager guy arrested by police as he posted something about Raj Thackeray, Founder, Leader and Chairperson of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.

Even some of below listed Twitter account got banned for the same reason after one Indian Minister announce about censorship over Social Media.

List of Twitter accounts ban in India.

  • @sanghparivar
  • @drpraveentogadia
  • @i_panchajanya
  • @PM0India
  • @dosabandit
  • @eagleeye47
  • @anilkohli54
  • @sanghpariwar
  • @aparanjape
  • @sumeetcj
  • @DrPravinTogadia
  • @@i_panchajanya
  • @barbarindian
  • @scamsutra
  • @ekakizunj
  • @redditindia
Note : Few accounts are re-activated now. 

Looking at all the issues those old days are not away in which our old people used to write on Jails wall or may be in future Facebook will change their status input box something like below image.

Do you think if we miss any news ? or we should add some international Social Media arrest too. Share your comments.

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