Know who is where – Global Social Media Statistics

Client: How many likes can I expect on Facebook?

Company: You can expect it to be 2 billion, sir!

And that’s how it can be done. When a client is looking only for numbers, give them some good ones.

As rightly said, every social media platform is a tini tiny world of its own; some are textual and interactive worlds while others are visually beautiful worlds. You just can’t miss out to not step in any of it. Sharing pictures, news, knowledge and of course memes has allowed us to make friends not only in reality but also virtually. With a blink of eye, you can be known to more than 2 billion people out there in the game of virtuality; making the real marketing world cosier J

Of course, these numbers are not accurate, of course they keep changing every second & of course fake accounts are not something that can be measured. Yet, looking through these errors, the numbers are too interesting to be avoided.

Woah! Now that’s some number, isn’t it? If you want you can tweet or share this infographic just by clicking on the below tabs 😉

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