How we give 4 Digit growth via Facebook to our E-Commerce client ? [Case Study]

When we were talking about Ecommerce India 2011 then we found that India is having major market share of Travel Industry followed by Electronics Items. But many market noticed that trend started changing late 2011 as well as during 2012 and Social Media is one of the most influencing area where you can attract and retain your customers. Again in Social Media Facebook and Tweeter are like Game changes, It can make your brand or ruin your brand. Being Social Media Marketing consultant we have to very conscious for our clients brand and many time have to be on our toes to make sure Brand image of our client should not damage.

Today I would love to share Case Study of one of our client. We had achieve huge growth in Sales using Facebook as platform, all the figures I am going to share are for Sale only you can add more value for them like Branding, Customer Engagement etc etc. Check following Screenshot as we are also believe that picture speaks more then a word.

eCommerce Sales boost via Facebook

Indian market and overall Ecommerce market was growing by Two digit growth we gave 4 digit growth in Sales Revenue via Social Media. Its is good ?

What we achieve during one year via Social Media Marketing for our Ecommerce Client ?

  • 7200% Revenue growth Year to Year (YoY)
  • Improve transactions by 185% (Converted visitors to buyers)
  • Boost per visit value 3,323% so every visitor are most precious for us. 🙂
  • Strong engagement between Brand and customers.
  • Improve Customer Care for clients via Facebook Fanpage
  • One new and more powerful avenue to know more detailed about Customers and keep in touch with them.

How did we achieve 7200+% growth for E Commerce via Facebook ?

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is one of the prime factor for increasing fans in initial days. I keep on saying that making fans 0 to 100 is tough job compare to making 1000 to 10,000. When we start working on this client they are having some basic friends but that was not sufficient for achieving growth. We started various kind of FB ads for attracting new fans or prospects. Many time we need to keep changing our advt contain and theme based on performance and existing fans. But over all FB ads was very great invest for us.

Enhance Engagement Process

Social Media is not much about technology but more about psychology. Aprox year back Edge Rank was the matix we need to focus on but all of a sudden Facebook change policy for Edge Rank. To be honest we got confuse for few days what to do next but then start studding what is new algorithm and did some R & D. This help us not to stick current position but also help us to accelerate our Fanpage and engagement exercise.

Brand Building

Facebook is one of best avenue if you want to enhance your Brand reach and also want to build your brand. We hit bulls eye for that, well that clients compliment to us. Now 30-40% customer care as well basic queries is solved by Tej SolPros team and in few case we are posting once we talk with our clients concern department. As a company our clients keep getting complement for best fanpage that make us happy too.

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