Jaydip Parikh (CEO-Tej Solpro) talks about Local SEO at the GBG Ahmedabad

Jaydip Parikh, the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Tej Solpro, gave a speech on Local SEO at the GBG Ahmedabad 5th meet up on 1st September 2013. He along with six other speakers gave us very good knowledge on Search Engine Optimization, on page and off page optimization of the web page, affiliated marketing, Google AdWords, Email Marketing and many other topics.


All of you might be wondering what is GBG. Well, let me tell you a little about it. GBG full form is Google Business Group. It is the group of entrepreneurs or business professionals who are using or are planning to use Google web technologies for their business development. Here the members can meet with each other, develop their social network and can also learn how the Google web technologies are helpful for expanding their business.

GBG Ahmedabad had its fifth meet up on 1st September 2013. The meet up was held to help the beginners in the field of online marketing and to make them understand the various parts of online marketing and Search Engine Optimization in an easier way. The session began with Mr. Nishant’s speech he talked to us about the Understanding SEO and Page Rank and how to gain a good page ranks. He also talked to us about different Search engines and the importance of Google in Search Engine Optimization and how to perform a good SEO in order to get good page rank.

The next session was of Mr. Jaydip Parikh, the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) and founder of Tej Solpro. He talked to us about Local SEO. He began the presentation by informing us about What is Local SEO in 2013.

Local SEO is all about doing SEO for a local brand and the company or place should be located in the same city or town. He basically defined Local SEO as one piller of SoLoMo (Social – Local – Mobile). The meaning of it being Social Local Mobile. He then informed us that for doing Local SEO and for getting a good ranking first of all a company needs to provide its exact location to Google Plus Local Page (Earlier It was Google Local Business Center ). The precise information of the company should be given to Google Plus pages. This is also very important. Registering your site and venue on foursquare as well as Local Directories like JustDial, Yelp are very important for Local SEO. He also told us that having Rich snippets also help a lot in Local SEO. It is the way to explain google all about your company products as well as about your company in nut shell.

The other speakers talked to us about Google Webmaster tools, Google AdWords, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing which is a good way to know about your page ranks and CTR, Affiliated marketing, PPC and keyword selection and many other things.

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