3 steps to optimize your Image

Being an SEO Company many of our clients asking for more traffic but then we have to explain them getting traffic will not solve their problem, they must have relevant traffic, this is only Good SEO Company can advise you. We also know that getting relevant traffic is not a easy job. But let me admit its not too hard too.

For getting relevant traffic Image can a good role specially as referral traffic. Referral traffic is the traffic comes via various sources like Google Image Search, Facebook, Twitter, other blogs/sites etc.

Give Relevant Name

Image-OptimizationMany times when we select and upload image it is having name like image1.jpg or DS009901.jpg etc. Even when any Web Designer is developing a site s/he doesnt care to give proper name. I had seen many companies logo is always having logo.jpg or 1.jpg. If you name it as yourcompanynamelogo.jpg then it will be easy for search engine to find your company logo and it become more searchable.

If you are Product Company then you must define relevant name to your products images. This will create more probability to get targeted traffic to your website. If you are having Wallpaper kind of blog then this is nearly must step you have to take.

Dont forgot to use ALT tag

ALT tag now plays major roll to define your Image details as well as it will help your search engine ranking up to some extent. Whenever you upload an Image you can add ALT tag will tell search engine about that Image.

For an example if your image is about your Product then you must use meta tag which define brief details about your product. At the same time you should not use bunch of words which look like spamming for your product description.

I had notice many spammer cant control them to use many keywords as ALT tag but honestly it is not advisable. It might harm your search engine rankings.

Images Size

Sometime we are too much excited to upload some images specially when we are launching new products or our company got some awards etc. At that time heavy images can increase load time of you page and eventually it will affect negative on your search engine optimization.

The idea size for an Image is in KBs but still many times we need to upload Image with high resolutions. Just make sure Image should not too heavy to get it load.

There are many Image Optimization tools are available online and I will recommend MS Office Picture Manager for non techies.

You can also check following Video by Matt Cutts.

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