Migrate Facebook Profile to Facebook Fanpage

Facebook is becoming very essential tool for Social Media Marketing and if you forgot to hire proper Social Media Consultant then you might ended up with some mistakes which can harm your business too some times.

The very common mistake people are doing that they create Facebook Profile for their Corporate Identity, which must be Facebook Fanpage not Facebook Profile.

Why you should change your Facebook Profile to Facebook Page ?

  • If you made mistake and Create Profile.
  • If you realise that Facebook Fanpage is having more potential compare to Facebook Profile
  • If you dont know about this feature before.
  • If you reached or about to reach 5000 Friends limit then you can convert your Profile to Fanpage.

You must keep in mind that once you convert your profile to page then you cant get it back. You cant rename Page name if you have more than 100 friends at your profile. You might lose some Data like Photos, Wall posting etc. If you make your mind for convert your Facebook Profile to Facebook Fanpage then use this link for the same. I will advise you to check Facebook Help Center in order to check FAQs.

Wish you Good Luck for your migration and if you want us to play roll for your Social Media Campaign then contact us, We will love to help you out for your Social Media Marketing need. Dont forgot to be our fan over Facebook.

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