Celebration on for becoming Google Partner

We are happy to announce that we, Tej Solpro, are selected for revered Google Partner program. It is a great moment for all of us since we had to work tirelessly to offer uncompromised online marketing solution to our clients and help their businesses to reach to a new height. Google Partnership certification has come as recognition for our hard work.

What is Google partnership program and why it is so important for us?

Google Partnership is an initiative from Google to give recognition to online markeTej SolPro is Google Partnerting agencies trusted by them. Google partners will work closely and directly with the search engine goliath. It is different from the earlier agency partnership program in terms of stricter qualifying criteria. As described by Google ‘the status of becoming partner isn’t easy.’ Tej Solpro has satisfied the conditions laid by Google to earn partnership status which demands
training employees on fair online marketing requirements, obtaining certification, applying best practices and ‘maintain a certain amount of advertising spends under its management.’ This is why it is so special for us.

Agencies selected as partners obviously have sped ahead of their competition. They have gained a better position in offering a greater business potential to clients. Here is why it is so important and beneficial for clients.

Improve trust

Google has made qualifying criteria for partners stricter and complex and under the changed situation almost two-third of online marketing agencies has got disqualified. Tej Solpro however has qualified with a flying color.

Since Google will only approve their coveted partnership status only to agencies that have met its requirements it is sure to improve the trust factor.

Ensure best practices

Google will actively monitor the activities of its partner to ensure that best practices are followed at every step.

The Google connection

Partners will be allowed the privilege to work closely with Google, which means that from now on we would be enjoying a special relationship with Google -get access to unique promotion, beta-test new features and directly access Google for Adwords issues.

What we offer to our clients

At the end, it is our clients who stand to gain from this prestigious achievement of Tej Solpro. Here is how becoming Google partner will let us serve our
clients better.

  • Our Google connection will give us direct access to many of Google’s new innovations, i.e. we will be among the first to learn and implement Google policies. It also gives us access to special events, training, research finding and product updates from Google.
  • Earning the badge of Google Partner is a sign of trust. It means we have followed healthy and ethical business policies that have helped our clients to beat a competition. It also implies that we have excelled in various Google products.
  • We can help your business achieve new heights through our direct connection with Google. Google Partner Search gives us direct access to potential customers.

Tej Solpro has always strived to offer the best services to clients. It is an achievement that we have earned through perseverance, hardwork and teamwork. We also would like to thank our clients for showing trust on us.

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