Event Promotions

Times have come when you’re organizing an event and aren’t promoting it all over the internet, then it isn’t going to make the right impact.

Social media is the new fad!

Mere spreading the word through various marketing channels or posting on social media won’t get you the desired results. Your target audience might scroll through your post and just that won’t help you in any way. When you promote an event, the number of people signing up for the said event becomes the goal!

Be it an event to inform the people about a social cause that you’re supporting or a new product launch – you got to have the right social media presence to garner ample response and feedback and hence generating leads.

Promoting an event so that it reaches the maximum audience within the stipulated time needs-

  • Prior planning
  • A proper call to action
  • Interesting and engaging content
  • Active collaboration

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Sending event invitations, reminders and prompting your audience to save the dates works but if all they receive is this, they’re soon going to tune you out. So, what must be done to keep them hooked on to your newsletters or blogs?

Yes, content! The more interesting the content the more engagements you get from your customers and target customers.

When planning for your event promotions, the team of Tej SolPro helps you make your audience aware of your product/campaign.

Why choose us?

  • We outline a plan for you including deadlines so that we cover all possible road-blocks and bottle-necks well in time.
  • We can discuss content ideas that are relevant to your event and interesting for your audience.
  • Integrate the content created with your marketing schedule to make sure it drives people to take desired actions.

We make sure the content created falls in line with the social media posting strategy.

We help you know your audience as well as keep them involved. With the help of the countless available tools to promote on various marketing channels, choosing the right tool at the right time for different platform plays a vital role.

We help you to track the results and analyze the reports. This helps in understanding the progress as well as finding opportunities to improve over time.

We help you surface over all the noise on the internet with expert consultancy and guidance.